Why I Love Vultures

I love this post on Vultures!! Frankie, the author, is totally awesome!! Her post is below. And here’s a link to my post about vultures:

Frankie Wolf

I didn’t realize until last night that yesterday was International Vulture Awareness Day. Even though I didn’t know it at the time, I was celebrating all day–by playing with dead things. (I was helping clean up beaver pelts at Kentucky Traditional Leather.) But I needed to celebrate my vulture friends just a little bit more–and when I say vultures, I’m referring to New World vultures, most often the turkey vulture.

Turkey vulture (Cathartes aura), Coquimbo Region, Chile

Consider this my virtual “shout from the rooftops” that I love vultures.

Okay, okay, I talk about my love of vultures all the time. I take every opportunity to spread vulture awareness. That might be putting it mildly, if you ask family, friends, and coworkers. I get upset when people extol the poor panda and fail to appreciate the full beauty of the vulture.


When vultures come up with folks I don’t know well, I usually get some weird looks. The looks…

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One thought on “Why I Love Vultures

  1. Great post by “The Vulture Lady” — thanks for sharing it, Debbie! I feel I not only learned a great deal about another kind of “vulture culture” from her post (a naturalist’s POV, some vulture mythology, etc.), but also more deeply why YOU are drawn to them, as well. And yes, I fee morel connected to ’em, too! Vultures Rock! 😉

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