JBL Podcast with deJoly LaBrier, Ceremonialist

In this podcast, we discuss what it’s like to honor the space that connects each of our relationships and how joy grows the more we honor ourselves.

deJoly LaBrier
deJoly LaBrier

deJoly Labrier describes a Ceremonialist as “someone who helps others create a sacred space for healing, a focusing of their attention on something bigger than the situation that may be holding them back from the joy they deserve in life. The ceremony is co-created with objects they may hold dear or sacred, and that positive energy is used as a focal point for them to go back to in their inner world to bring them back into balance when they find themselves out of balance. Ceremonies are fluid. They evolve through conversation with a person who may only need someone to deeply listen to them without judgment or expectations. Being a “hollow Bone” for Spirit is one of the aspects of this kind of work.”

You can find out more about deJoly by visiting http://www.dejoly.com.

Visit us here to listen to all of our JBL Podcast episodes and learn more.

Joy-Based Living description with Northern Lights
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