JBL Podcast with Kelley Springer of LoveWisdomPower.com

69 min.

In this episode, Kelley shares about her 25 years of experience in the healing arts and why she resonates so much with the principles and the community at Joy-Based Living.

Kelley Springer is the founder of Love Wisdom Power – Paths To Wholeness, a healing practice dedicated to the whole-self where you can experience transformation through integration and the wholeness program.

Kelley offers Spiritual Counseling, Emotional Navigation, youth mentoring to individuals, couples, youth as well as well as animal communication. Kelley is a ceremonial leader and can officiate at weddings and other life ceremonies. As a clan leader, she teaches the wheel of life a modern vision quest tool. Kelley is a sacred storyteller and works as an intuitive artist and storyteller with Waldorf Schools throughout the state of Oregon. Kelley is a Harper and plays intuitive harp music and offers sound healing and coaching to intuitive musicians.

To learn more go to www.LoveWisdomPower.com

Visit us here to listen to all of our JBL Podcast episodes and learn more.

2 thoughts on “JBL Podcast with Kelley Springer of LoveWisdomPower.com

  1. Willy Mathes

    Just listened to the first portion of this podcast and enjoyed the flow of information + inspiration y’all shared… Love the “waking up” of natural gifts… And confirmation of how important it is we listen to the voices, signs and invitations from The Universe to trust our inner knowing… for our healing, the support of other’s healing and the celebration of evermore joy-based living!
    Thank you! May you keep the river of these podcasts rollin’! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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