JBL Podcast: A deep look into embodiment

25 min  This recording has various noises in the background because #1 Debbie was so passionate about the topic that she decided to walk outside during the conversation and #2 Laura was totally on fire during the editing process where she stitched pieces from 2.5 hours into 25 minutes. Our hearts and souls come through clearly, and the irregularities are part of the art of this podcast.

What is embodiment and why is it so important for personal transformation? What are the amazing benefits of embodiment? Join us on an exploration of this powerful JBL practice.

In this podcast, Debbie explains not only what embodiment means, but uses Laura as an example to express how important embodiment is and how it can help you by simply being tuned in to your body. They’ll give you a deep look into the core of what Joy Based Living is all about and how you can join the community. When you change your vibe, you’ll find your tribe!  This is a podcast you don’t want to miss!

“We act out when we don’t have the language to say something in words.” – Dr. Gabor Máte

Debbie Happy Cohen Light Quote

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