JBL Podcast: Joy and Loss with deJoly LaBrier

deJoly LaBrier
deJoly LaBrier
Joy Cycle Heart with radiance moon and JBL logo
Joy Cycle (click to enlarge)



 1 hr.

In this podcast, Debbie explains the cycle of Joy. She provides not just a visual, but also a reasoning for how and why the cycle creates joy & loss through one’s personal development. Debbie provides some examples and names it the “the cycle of expanding joy”.

deJoly explains the joy & loss that happens for someone who has experienced abuse. She shares examples of how the cycle of joy & loss affected her personal life.  deJoly goes on to explain the way you go on to walk through the world of joy and how the illusion of loss affects your soul.

Laura asks deJoly how can someone who has experienced abuse as a child and deal with that kind of loss as an adult. deJoly provides examples and the reason why it is important to embody the loss regardless of how small the loss is. Debbie explains the fact that joy is not for the faint hearted and how it takes courage. Along with having compassion for the people we experience the loss with as well as ourselves. She also explains the importance of acknowledging the loss and how it helps take the pressure off so you can move forward. deJoly explains the reason why it is important to take the time to honor yourself and to process life experiences so you can move forward with joy.

Debbie provides insights from JBL’s practice #8 on emotional fluency & Browns’ Ted talks with shame and vulnerability and the average # of words people have to express feelings. Debbie also explains the space between us and how, due to fear of loss, people don’t always want to come along for the joy ride.

Debbie provides a deep dive into what it looks like to go through a TMM worksheet from the WHMM workshop that is offered at JBL. deJoly explains how the TMM worksheets ties in with joy & loss. Laura expresses how important it is to listen and to take the time to stop and smell the roses for the world we all live in. DeJoly provides an example to what Laura was saying about a class she teaches and what happened when they tuned into their selves and gave time to reflect. How by doing so allows one to move from loss to joy. Debbie renames the podcast episode the joy of loss. She expresses why she wants to celebrate the things that she has lost and for the people she has released. Laura expresses how celebrating the losses would be showing how it is for inner growth. DeJoly explains that the grief can take time.

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3 thoughts on “JBL Podcast: Joy and Loss with deJoly LaBrier

  1. Thought the visual & verbal expression of the “Cycle of Joy” was a good intro for deJoly’s presentation, as well as the talk y’all engaged in. And I particularly appreciated the insight about the incremental building up of grief from loss, which when not acknowledged & addressed in a healthy/honoring manner, can create additional problems, resistances & obstacles. I thank you all so much for your continuing development, expansion & sharing of Joy-Based Living “stuff”… “HUZZAH!” for JBL!!! 😉

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