JBL Podcast: An intimate conversation with Catarina De Hoyos about leadership development, motherhood, spirituality, numbing feelings and being real.

1 hour, 4 min.

Catarina walking across the Mary Kay stage in her red gown

In this intimate podcast, we share a very generous snapshot of Catarina’s transformation over the last few years through her coaching experience with Debbie. We explore the inner workings of leadership development in the life of Catarina De Hoyos, mother, beauty consultant, Mary Kay director, and dance ministry leader.

Catarina shares her story of loss, including deaths and divorce, and how she practices faith and courage which continue to bring miracles into her life. Catarina talks about a major turning point in her life (sobriety) and shares how she earned her first diamond ring in her Mary Kay business! Catarina shares what it means and what it looks like to be real.

Debbie shares why JBL was built, and how Catarina, and the 12-step programs, inspired the creation of the Joy-Based Living E-book and community.

What were the very specific coaching assignments Catarina practiced in order to develop herself as a leader, mother, and human being:

  • She developed community pillars for personal support.
  • She made an 8-year dream came true after she began to practice The Tell Me More worksheet that is at the heart of our JBL Wholehearted Mastermind class. When you embrace, embody the feelings you experience, and release judgment of them, you allow extreme acceptance to become extreme joy!
  • She sets joy free by using the Emotional Guidance Scale (see below).
  • She uses the EG Scale for parenting her teenage son.
  • She shares her Empowerment Embodiment Script (deep dive) experience and how it helped her to transform a core story that was holding her back.
  • How embodiment of her feelings, and setting boundaries, helped her shape her life.

Debbie shares what Joy-Based Living is and how to become fluent in embodied well-being: emotions, embodiment, empathy, and empowerment.

About our guest, Catarina De Hoyos:

Catarina De Hoyos is Hispanic and Native American Alaskan Indian. She is from San Antonio, Texas and her family’s origins stem from Spain and the Tlingit tribe in Alaska. She grew up bilingual, speaking Spanish and learning to make traditional family recipes.

She currently has one son, named Alex, who is almost 13. She is also adopting another teen-aged boy by 2018. Doctor’s tried to tell Catarina that her son Alex is autistic. She refused to believe them and today, Alex is an outgoing, happy tween who loves cats and especially big cats like tigers and lions. Alex also makes the honor roll nearly every quarter and he does not fall anywhere on the autistic scale.

Catarina was the first person in her family to graduate college. She attended Boston University and received her Bachelors of Science in Business Admiration. She then attended Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC where she received her MBA, (Master’s in Business Admiration).

She loves serving in her community and has served on the Board of Directors for The National Society of Hispanic MBA’s, The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, The Hispanic Professional Women’s Association and First Unity of St. Petersburg. She also leads a Dance Ministry at church which praises God through dance.

She has worked for several corporations and lastly for Robert Half International as a Division Director. There she quadrupled her division’s sales and earned a place in the President’s Club as one of the top ten Directors in the world.

Today she is an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, Inc. She has earned two career cars, three diamond rings and two trips to Cabo San Lucas. Her highest honor is being voted Miss Go Give by her National Area two times. This is an award given to someone who gives from the heart without expecting anything in return for their love. She loves the flexibility it gives her to raise and spend quality time with Alex.

One of her favorite places is the beach. You’ll find her jogging along the shore in the morning, picking up shells and splashing in the water. In the evenings, she loves to watch the sunset.

Her favorite quote is by Henry David Thoreau, “It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see.”

You can contact Catarina at www.catarina.pink or call her at 727-688-5388.

JBL Emotional Scale with Exclamation Point

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