JBL Podcast: Embodying everyday, ordinary blessings, with Scott MacLeod

33 min.

This short and sweet podcast is your green boost juice for your soul and your immune system! We take a deep look at blessings, and we share examples from our unique perspectives.  We share intimate stories about how we have received blessings in our lives. Scott shares being blessed by a newborn baby to Debbie being blessed by a mountain! Laura shares a testimony that is a blessing all on its own.

If you would like to share a story about a blessing you experienced, please share it with us here or in our Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/joybasedliving)!

Scott MacLeod photo
Scott MacLeod (pronounced McCloud)

Scott’s Bio:

Mom was born on the Canadian Prairie, my Dad in New York City. I have lived on the East Coast, West Coast, in the Rocky Mountains, in the woods without a house number or electricity, in a busy city, in a village where you could hear the clip-clop of horses in the early evening, and noisy storks nesting on the neighbor’s roof. I have lived in three countries: USA (25 years), Canada (10 years), Germany (20+ years). Spent ten years in a meditation retreat and worked for global internationals, flown business class to solve problems on another continent, been fired three times in ten years (downsizing, bankruptcy, bad-chemistry, not necessarily in that order) and got hired after fifty. I know in my bones that wherever you are, whatever has happened, there is always a next step. I am an expert at starting fresh.

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3 thoughts on “JBL Podcast: Embodying everyday, ordinary blessings, with Scott MacLeod

  1. Sounds like a superb holiday season topic… I look forward to listening to this, since ALL the JBL podcasts give me an uplifting, uniquely “flavored” boost of inspiration, a widening of my perspective and/or a deepening of my joy & well-being! This upcoming Thanksgiving, I’ll be saying a special prayer of thanks to God for what Debbie & the entire JBL community (and its expanding ranks) have brought to my life… Joy-based living is abso-toot-en-loot-ly the way to roll! Amen & amen! 🙂

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