Staying connected to your true self

If you have trouble staying connected to your self or your personal development… I created this planner/journal for YOU. I just heard from two friends who’ve been using it. One was taking care of her elderly grandfather and the caretaking was intense and she wanted to get back in touch with HERSELF. Another was having … More Staying connected to your true self

Bring Your Shitstorm to God

I wrote this in response to a friend who is dealing with an abusive ex. Hope it brings some clarity and peace to your life. Why is spiritual practice important? Your spiritual practice will help you stay connected to your soul during tough moments. It will help you get back to your soul more quickly … More Bring Your Shitstorm to God

Relatedness without Agenda

Hey All! I just started a new facebook group. Description Who are YOU?You’ve done a bunch of inner work.You’re sincere about personal development.You want more AUTHENTICITY in your relationships and you know it’s possible!You’re not afraid of words like SHAME, TRAUMA and GRIEF because you’ve done your homework!!!! YAY!!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! YOU … More Relatedness without Agenda

Episode 20. Disenfranchised Grief – what it is and how to heal it

People were asking me about what disenfranchised grief is … so in 5 minutes, I explain it and how to heal it. Hope it helps shed some light and healing on your journey.

Good Grief is Shared Grief

Stuffed grief can become frozen. Hidden, Shamed. Shared grief melts in the light of day. You know who knows this? People who’ve healed from wounds of the heart…. Complex PTSD, Mother Hunger, AD(H)D or any prolonged grief. Sometimes, after deep inner healing, friendship can be tricky, hard to find. The superficial no longer satisfies once … More Good Grief is Shared Grief

Are You Desperate, or Merely Curious?

It occurred to me just now – like BAM! 💥  That the times I was HUNGRY for change and DESPERATE for answers…I received the most. I wasn’t just curious about spiritual insights and psychological habits.  I was so desperate for REAL change that in 2008, I attended Alcoholics Anonymous regularly for a year even though … More Are You Desperate, or Merely Curious?