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This e-book is being upgraded along with the website, so if you purchase it, I will send you the upgrade (which comes with a set of videos) as soon as it’s available, probably by October 1st. Thanks!


For a one-time $25 fee, you’ll get to download the E-book, gain access to the corresponding audio recordings and join our E-community at Basecamp.

The E-book is located at Basecamp, so as soon as you purchase the Joy-Based Living (JBL) Beginner’s Guide E-book, someone from our team will give you access to our Basecamp community and give you a tour and show you where the E-book is located for download.

YES, all this for $25! Why? Because our members are the type of people who really bring value to the conversation, and I want everyone who really wants to be a member, to have access.

Those who are most attracted to the JBL Beginner’s Guide are creatives, coaches, healers, dreamers, and possibilitarians who are deeply committed to well-being, for themselves and others. Together, we develop the skills of compassion, courage, and connection which are the gateway to deep, profound and lasting joy. Our meaningful conversations will lead you to more purposeless moments of unreasonable joy!  

The Guide is wonderfully influenced by teachers such as Dr. Mario Martinez, Dr. Brene Brown and Dr. David Hawkins.

“Generate meaningful conversations and form lasting connections with the Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide. You can go at your own pace, and work independently or with others.”
– Debbie Happy Cohen

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-8-00-40-pmInspired Explorers, Beloved Friends!

 The mysteries and possibilities of our human potential are calling us forward.

We’ve heard the whispers and nudgings of our inner voices, we’ve caught a glimpse of what’s possible.

We are pioneering new ways of being in the world, for ourselves and for humanity; and through our experiences, we’ve come to see that we can’t successfully navigate this journey on our own.

That’s what’s bringing us together today.

We’ve taken risks. We’ve left the old, familiar shore. We’ve meditated, set intentions, prayed, joined personal development courses, read books, watched videos.
Inspired by the possibilities we have sensed, we have made changes and they felt awesome! We felt freer as we caught a glimpse of the greater, expanded version of who we really are.
We meditated more, We expanded more.
We put our stakes in the ground.
We set boundaries.
We left the shore of who we thought we were, confident that we’d make it across to the other shore of who we truly are.

And then…
lacking the courage to leave relationships, jobs, lifestyles or beliefs, in fear of being alone,
suddenly wondering if we were nuts for thinking we could do it.

Now here’s the thing:
As soon as we put a stake in the ground, everything that’s not a match to who we are becoming begins to fall away. This can feel like an earthquake!

And these breakdowns may tempt us to swim back to the old shore.

The Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide is a bridge.
Made of love.
Which we are building together.
One “brick of love” at a time.

It’s beautiful. It’s amazing. It’s happening.


The Beginner’s Guide will GIVE YOU STRATEGIES and the Joy-Based Living TRIBE will CHEER YOU ON!

With the Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide E-book and community, you will receive very targeted information, strategies and a peer-led conversation to help you take responsibility for your adventure with like-minded others.

With proven structures and practices, you will receive the support of peers who will see you through into SOARING!!!

With Freedom AND Support, you will be able to create your own Joy-Based Life!


I KNOW you are already here, my friends. I know we are already connected.
This Beginner’s Guide E-book was designed just for you!

So what does the Beginner’s Guide contain?

  • 12 Practices for your reflection. The practices are written online, they are downloadable, and each Lesson in the Guide includes an audio recording. The Guide is a pdf is designed to be a visual touchstone for the recordings (about 5-10 minutes each).
  • A members’ only online clubhouse. Connection with others who are participating in Joy-Based Living conversations: live, via video conference, and by phone.
  • Meeting Guidelines for hosting your own JBL empowerment group.

Scroll down to listen to a sample Lesson 


As you go through the 12 Practices, you can explore the ideas and connect with the tribe to share your insights, questions, encouragement and conversation.

1. Read a Practice (1-2 pages short).
2. Listen to a 5-10 minute recording about it.
3. Discuss the Practice with others in a member’s only conversation (or in your own JBL-BG group). Our members are fellow bridge-builders. Our tribe.
4. Practice on your own.
5. Enjoy!


How much time does the Beginner’s Guide take?

  • That depends, you’ll be able to go at your own pace
  • You can cycle through the Lessons in a weekend or over the course of a few weeks, then review them as often as you like (on your own or with a someone in our community).

Do I need to do this in a group?

  • The lessons are designed for independent study as well as for stimulating conversation within a group.
  • Upon purchasing the Beginner’s Guide E-book, you’ll automatically be connected into our members’ only clubhouse and/or you can start your own JBL-Beginner’s Guide group.

Who would I invite into a group?

  • That depends on what you’re looking for. The Guide offers guidelines for who to invite, and why.
  • You’ll also discover who would make the best Empowerment Partners, and you will be able to invite them into a deeper conversation with you.

How else can I integrate Joy-Based Living into my life and into my community?

  • You can integrate creativity into your JBL learning by making JBL-related crafts, and you’ll even have a place to share your creative expressions with the tribe (this is optional).

Here’s a 5 minute video with some of the basics of Joy-Based Living along with a few testimonials:

JBL Cover 2 Second Edition LR - ebook

paypalFor a one-time $25 fee, you’ll get to download the e-book, gain access to the corresponding audio recordings and join our members-only conversation at Basecamp.

The Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide E-book is intentionally priced so that it is accessible to the greatest number of people. Due to our peer-leadership model, we have attracted conscientious and caring individuals who take personal responsibility for bringing their best to the community.  

We welcome you to join our conversation today!

With love,


Debbie Happy Cohen

Here is a sample Audio Lesson from the Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide (4 min):

A sampling of Practices: