Fairy Tales for Wholehearted Living

I believe in love and magic and the power of fairy tales. The fairy tales I write inspire creatives, healers, coaches and leaders to bring more wholeheartedness, courage, and magic into their relationships, their projects, and their lives.

My friend Vito Acosta and I collaborated on a “Get Fairy Tales” project a few years ago where I wrote and recorded stories, and she created cover art for them. You can listen to them and download them here:  www.getfairytales.bandcamp.com/audio

If you’d like me to write a fairy tale for you, I’d be delighted. Scroll down for details.


Recently, in the midst of preparing to write a fairy tale, what magically appeared were the bones of a storyline that can inspire a shift in one’s core identity and self-perception. 

You can create your own transformational fairy tale by filling in the details of your own life, or even someone else that you know.  Here are the bones:

1. The main character believes a story of badness about herself.
2. Believing this story leads her to experience disconnection, deprivation, and/or fear.
3. Something happens where she learns to believe a story of goodness about herself.
4. Her new story leads her to experience connection, well-being, and JOY.
5. She sees that whichever story she believes is the story that she empowers.
6. And she also sees that belief is embodied.
7. As she embodies and lives the story of her goodness, she indirectly gives others permission to believe in their own goodness.
8. The end is the beginning; a full circle, a crown.

Fairy Tale Testimonials:


If you would like me to write an original fairy tale just for you or someone you love, here’s how it works:

You’ll share your juiciest challenge with me, and I’ll write a fairy tale for you, transforming your story into one of courage, compassion, connection, and JOY! It’s a great way to feed your subconscious mind and your soul with juicy goodness!

  1. Once you make your payment, you’ll receive a fairy tale questionnaire about yourself or someone you care about.
  2. I’ll write an original fairy tale just for you.
  3. You’ll receive it in your email box within 7 days (pdf format).

I’m offering a special of $99 per story, for a super-limited time.


For all one can wish for in life is a place to belong,
to love and be loved,
without doubt, without judgment, without condition.
This will be my fairy tale.

– Princess Grace of Monaco