JBL is

. . . A lifestyle. A way of living. A PRACTICE.

It’s a peer-led, self-actualization, support community.

Yes, I’ll say it again.

We are a peer-led, self-actualization, support community.

Where people experience true validation and are seen, valued and loved.

Joy is… who we are, at our core. It’s who we were as children. Born that way. Naturally.

But as adults, most people seem to need external permission or outside reasons to be joyful. This isn’t true, but it’s a popular way of thinking and being. As a result, many people are living with depression and/or anxiety. Or they’re numbed out and shut down to what’s really possible for them. If only they would turn within.


When joy is the basis of our every-day life, self-actualization (a life of full self-expression) is the result. Spontaneity, friendship, ease, and laughter become normal experiences, just like in childhood.

In case you’re wondering if JBL members live with their heads in the sand, we don’t. Producing excellence in whatever you do is a natural outcome of joy-based living. Our members actively contribute to making our world a better place by tuning in to our talents and actively sharing them in our homes, in the community, and at work. Joy becomes the atmosphere in which we live because we are the ones who bring it to the table.

We enter the arena every day. This is really scary sometimes. But making a difference feels so gosh darn good that we keep doing it!

It helps us to have a community of cohorts who are also entering the arena every day because when they cheer us on, or when they give us honest feedback, it means something. And we are surrounded by really great company.

Our Values:

Honesty with ourselves and others about our perceptions and experiences.

Willingness to discover, name and stand for their most important values. Willing to upgrade our SFD’s (Crappy First Drafts) into AFD’s (Awesome Final Drafts).

Commitment to freedom, to joy, to personal transformation, to self-care, and to take 100% responsibility for our experience.

Devotion to supporting one another.

Fun, funniness, magic and spunk … because we are ALIVE!!!! 🙂

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