Leadership and Power

“New paradigm leadership is where the leaders are holding the space for the brilliance of others.” – Marianne Williamson

My intention is to inspire more people to use their power to recognize and empower great leadership. At home. At work. At church. At school. At the supermarket. At dinner. And most especially within one’s own very being.

That’s where I want us to take this conversation. I think there are a lot of amazing people who really want to let their true voices be set free. But they dim down under fears of being imperfect or unspiritual or unwanted. THAT’S CALLED SHAME and it comes in a thousand different disguises. Breaking through shame can help you take the reigns of your power and raise your gorgeous voice. THAT’S CALLED HONOR.

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Narcissistic Abuse has become an important topic lately and it has everything to do with leadership at every level. It’s a poisonous venom. Like severe air pollution, it can be deadly. At its core is a deep-seated sense of excruciating shame which makes a narcissist immune to common compassion and kindness.

There’s no simple checklist of “how to handle narcissistic abuse” without first being educated about what it is and how it works. Once you’re educated, you will have awareness and power. If you dislike labels (as much as I did) because you think them unholy, judgmental or unspiritual, read this article first (https://joybasedliving.com/2019/02/06/on-labels-spirituality-narcissistic-abuse-and-power-mr-rogers-marianne-williamson/).

I’ve started a few collections of articles to empower your journey.

Healing After Narcissistic Abuse

The Power of Coaching


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