Hey Self-Care Art Expression for Your Heart and Soul Meetup Members! I just realized that we needed a place for new members to access previous newsletters. So here’s a permalink for us. I won’t post all of them here, just ones that id enjoy reading if I just joined.

Upcoming: TIME TO SHINE! A Year of Joy-Based Rituals POSTER and PROMO VIDEO:

just completed: AUGUST 16, 17, 18 – Self Care Art Expression 3-day event

AUGUST 22, 2021

Self Care Art – August 16, 17, 18 Replay Links

Hey All!

Thanks so much for helping us to create an AWESOME event!!

So often, the people at online events don’t seem “real.” But YOU… YOU ARE REAL… AND YOU ARE AMAZING… And we can prove it!!

Here are the links to the 3 videos.

Part 1 Meaningful messages and materials:

Part 2 Tips and Tricks:


Juli and Linda and I launched this 3-day event and every time, we bumped into technological snafoos. Even though the 3 of us met 30 minutes in advance, Juli and I were late twice, due to these hiccups. YET, not only did you stay . . . you encouraged us, you laughed with us, you shared your ideas, and now you’re sharing your ART!!!


Please keep sharing your Self-Care Art Expressions for Your Heart and Soul, right here DAY 1 (the August 16th event’s photo album). We want see it and cheer you on and be inspired by your willingness to take a risk and STRUTT YOUR STUFF!!

So much love,

Happy D! & Jonathan!!! And Linda and Juli, too!!!!

ps. Our Meetup Group is “officially” established in north St Pete because we have active members in Gulfport, and Linda lives in Seminole. However, you can be anywhere in the world. I live in the mountains in NE Alabama, near Chattanooga. So does Juli. And so does JONATHAN!

AUGUST 7 2021

Hey Meetup Friends!

Honestly, I’m absolutely amazed that so many people have signed up for this group, Self-Care Art Expression For Your Heart and Soul. There are more than 50 of us. I’m a little speechless.
For a few years now, I’ve been actively looking for more of a sense of “home” in the world. And while I try to cultivate it, I’ve found it in people who share my love for art and soul. And healing and self-care.
Honestly, the world needs more of us. And we need each other. I’m so glad you’re here.
Anything I can do to make this group more awesome, let me know.

I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments about what brings you joy. Your sincerity blew me away. Again, speechless. That’s how I respond when my heart is moved. Thank you for that.

I plan to share your gorgeous answers during the Aug 16 17 18 live-streams so we can celebrate your joy and we can all get to know each other better.
You can help by joining the live-stream and bring with us in real time. We will be inviting you to share your ideas on Days 1 and 2. And your art on Day 3.
I’ll post the link to “DAY 1” (Monday, Aug 16) at our Meetup page, sometime this week.

By the way, one of our co-teachers, Linda Burhans, lives in Clearwater so that’s where we officially created this group. But our members come from all over.
I live in Alabama on Lookout Mountain, close to Juli Jordan, your other co-teacher.

We look forward to being with you next week, Monday at 5pm central/ 6pm Eastern

In the meanwhile…
Keep being true to your Art and your Soul!
Much love,
Debbie Happy Cohen, founder of Joy-Based Living, LLC

I’m also known as HappyD!
and Reverend SASSY SHORTS!

“And I think to myself… what a wonderful world.”
~ Louis Armstrong