YOUR JOY matters!

Every JBL product is engineered to help you feel better and to create lalasting transformation in every single area of YOUR LIFE. We believe YOU DESERVE to feel AMAZING EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Our 2 foundational E-books:

12 Practices E-book

The complete 12 Practices E-book program is $12).

IF you want more joy in your life and you’ve attempted a bunch of different things that DIDN’T STICK – it’s because you probably don’t have your stage set properly. You need to get on solid ground. You need to practice a few proven basic habits that will allow your personal development to truly take root and grow.

THAT’s what the 12 Practices are for. It’s a self-study program with journaling pages and 12 videos. I encourage you to JUMP IN AND DO IT! It’s right here waiting for you!

Sanctuary E-book

FREE download (limited time)

Ready to take your joy back into YOUR OWN hands? Read SANCTUARY. 

Joy is our natural state of being. Unresolved emotional trauma is its #1 obstacle. Even if you haven’t been directly traumatized, I am 100% positive you know someone who has. Like a power-leak, this can be extremely draining. Life is short. The costs of trauma are high.

Our supportive online community meets in these 2 places:

Wholehearted Networking Course and Community

Read the extended description and get the registration link here.

Wholehearted Networking is a course and a community where you will learn how to take healthy, self-interested action, which is essential for their ability to shift from surviving to thriving, especially if they have a tendency to over-give their Time, Energy and Attention to others. She encourages people to use their T.E.A. time to focus on developing their S.P.A. (Sovereignty, Power and Agency).

As adults, it’s rare that we are asked, “What’s most important to you? What’s your vision for your life? What do you need in order to thrive? What kind of support do you need?” These kinds of questions help us to be true to ourselves, and to our souls. They invite us to self-champion ourselves, and help us move from surviving and into thriving.

Wholehearted Networking is focused on increasing the quality and quantity of meaningful conversations. Debbie hosts live stream discussions on the gap between trauma and joy, featuring daily wisdom and a series of self-reflection questions.

And then there are our Fairy Tales . . .

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An empowerment audio book series

Access the entire collection at this link!

The “Get Fairy Tales” series of stories were written for all of our inner children who have faced all sorts of trauma. They’re just wonderful. Short and sweet, each one complete. They’re for all ages! With cover-art by Vito Acosta from Bogota, Colombia.

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Books at Amazon

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A series of books inspired to help you get your JOY on!

Monthly Subscription,
Online Community

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If you want to get to know us but you’re not ready to jump into a course, you can join our community on a monthly subscription basis which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

You will gain access to daily livestream videos plus over 90 previous videos and so much more!

Our intention is to provide an environment where meaningful conversations, daily wisdom and self-reflection questions are the norm.

At Joy-Based Living, we are bridging the gap between trauma and JOY. Through writing, art and meaningful conversations.

Let’s create a JOYFUL world together!

There are no refunds for Joy-Based Living products, courses or membership programs. You are 100% responsible for your outcomes. Our programs can support and supplement healthcare services, but we do not claim to be a replacement.