About JBL

As adults, it’s rare that we are asked, “What’s most important to you? What’s your vision for your life? What do you need in order to thrive? What kind of support do you need?” These questions help us be true to ourselves, to our souls. These questions invite us to self-champion ourselves. These questions help us move from surviving and into thriving. At Joy-Based Living, you will have the opportunity to practice self-championing!

At Joy-Based Living, we bring JOY to life by embracing a few core shared values and doing the inner work it takes to create real and lasting transformation. Our 12 Practices E-book, which you can find in our store, is our foundation for all of our courses and conversations.

We also aim to bridge the gap between trauma and JOY. We do this through writing, art and meaningful conversations. The SANCTUARY E-book levels the playing field for all of our members so that we can understand what it takes to create a safe psychological space, both individually and within our community.

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Get started on your Joy-Based Living journey with meaningful conversations, daily wisdom and self-reflection questions. Learn how to take healthy, self-interested action, especially if you are someone who has a tendency to over-give your Time, Energy and Attention to others. Master your ability to use your T.E.A. time to focus on developing your S.P.A. (Sovereignty, Power and Agency). These skills are essential for living a joy-filled life!

Wholehearted Networking Course

OUR JBL WHOLEHEARTED NETWORKING 12-WEEK COURSE IS OPEN FOR REGISTRATION. As adults, it’s rare that we are asked,“What’s most important to you? What’s your vision for your life? What do you need in order to thrive? What kind of support do you need?” These kinds of questions help us to be true to ourselves, and to our souls. They invite us to self-champion ourselves, and help us thrive! Wholehearted Networking is focused on increasing the quality and quantity of meaningful conversations in our lives.

Highlights of JBL timeline

  • Kickstarted JBL in summer 2016 along with the 12 Practices E-book and the JBL Blog which celebrated Vulture Culture: “Spring Clean Your Mind and Your Life”
  • Authentic Presence, Lead with Your Soul: How Grief, God and Gratitude Can Guide Us All Home – published in 2017
  • SANCTUARY e-book – published in October 2019
  • Lioness Podcast – 50 episodes to support moms during covid – with Debbie Happy Cohen and Michele Stone Summer 2020
  • Wholehearted Networking launched on April 1, 2020
  • JBL Group Art Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center in Tampa, FL – October 2020