The 12 Practices E-book

Do you have any idea what an embodied conversation feels like, where each person is fully present? Once you’ve tasted this… you never want to go back.

Heart and soul, baby. Heart and soul.


“I would love to be surrounded by JBL peeps in person in my daily life. It would feel like heaven on Earth!

Amy Gregory

“Doing the Joy-Based Living 12 Practices has changed me & my life.

I have changed a lot of my self talk from I MUST and I SHOULD to: “I would love to” or “I want to”. Asking myself what I would love to experience time and again has changed my perspective and I have taken my power back that way.

It’s not just that I’ve changed the words. I’ve experienced a great shift in how I treat myself. I now have a kinder and more loving relationship with myself. As a result, my relationships have also become healthier and stronger.

I learned that shame and abandonment are cultural wounds that everyone experiences. I also learned not to take them personally. They didn’t happen “just to me”, which would make me “unworthy” or “unloveable”.

Doing the 12 Practices has given me a lot of self-awareness; I feel more heard and seen, simply because I look at and and listen to myself more. As a result, I have also become a better listener in my relationships.

In fact, I love the Practices so much that I have started a Joy-Based Living Friendship Circle in my studio in Vienna where we meet monthly and do the 12 Practices together.

If you’re looking to have a better relationship with yourself and with others, don’t hesitate. Go ahead and do the 12 Practices right now! You’ll be so glad you did.

Heidi Bobal, Vienna, Austria

“I’ve been traveling on a lifelong journey in search of a joyful, meaningful life. I often felt restless and discontent with the status quo, knowing there was a better destination for me. My journey included times in the driver’s seat, cruising through happiness, feeling connected to the wonder of life. Other times, I was thrown from the car and lay in a ditch, having no desire to crawl out. Always, the destination I sought was more joy and peace for myself and others.

One bright morning, I was led to Debbie Happy Cohen and the 12 Practices. I decided to take the exit ramp to investigate this map to Joy Based Living.

“You have permission to be kind to yourself and plan your own route,” it said.

Wow! Thank you! Now, how do I find the best route for me?

“Learn embodiment. Then you can tune in to your own wise body for directions,” it said. All the miles I traveled, all the people and places I visited, left indelible memories in my body. Memories long forgotten by my conscious mind were still triggers in my body. Gradually, I began learning to pay attention to these road signs deep inside me. These are the signs leading to my heart’s desire.”

– Linda Kennedy Selby, Alabama

For me, learning and applying the 12 Practices of Joy-Based Living is Life Giving. Especially, Practice 11, finding my Tribe(s). From my experience, healing from trauma and thriving work best when I am in a supportive community like JBL. Knowing that I am not alone in this world — no matter what I am experiencing, helps me feel safe and loved. In turn, this leads me to finally feel safe enough to love myself. Loving myself is at the core of living a life full of gratitude.”

– Catarina De Hoyos

“Having always been on the quest for finding joy and a sense of peace I have found myself in the wonderful group of women who are searching for the same. I feel like I can say that this has afforded me this peace and a feeling of completeness, a sense of belonging . The work I have been doing with the help of Debbie Happy Cohen I can honestly say I have arrived! Do your self a favor and try it for yourself. BELONGING TO SOMETHING BIGGER THAN MYSELF IS THE BEST GIFT ANYONE CAN DO.”

– Liz Mitchell, Alabama

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Really? After those testimonials, you still need more info? Ok…

Imagine yourself enjoying a lifestyle where your relationships look like this:

  • kindness is combined with strength
  • truth is mixed with joy
  • authentic power and validation are friends
  • lofty wisdom is united with practical action

As a result, you’ll experience (on the daily):

  • core emotional stability
  • embodied well-being
  • magical relationships
  • authentic self-expression

You can create relationships where these are truly possible!

You get to begin with the most important relationship in your life, the one you have with YOU!

The Joy-Based Living 12-Practices were designed and created just for you!

This is one of the most valuable investments in yourself that you will ever make.

The Joy-Based Living 12 Practices Ebook includes:

  • 12 Practices to boost your JOY
  • 12 Journaling exercises to boost your self-awareness
  • 12 Embodiment practices to boost your self-acceptance
  • 12 Videos to supplement the practices
  • A section on how to apply art and creativity to enliven your Practices
  • A Commitment to Self Ceremony
  • Shared Agreements that you can share with your friends
  • How to start your own JBL group
  • What it means to be an Empowerment Partner, and an invitation you can share with others
  • 75 pages
  • Full color

Available immediately upon purchase.

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Fine print

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Another Testimonial

How has your life-story changed as a result of doing the Joy-Based Living 12 Practices?
I know what I am feeling most of the time and can re-direct if it’s not what I want to be feeling, but I also know when I need to just feel those uncomfortable feelings and hold space for them.

I feel more confident about talking to strangers and have had beautiful conversations with people that I may never see again or at least I get a heartfelt smile from the people I talk to. I developed the wisdom and courage to change my life in a way that will bring me more joy.

I can recognize the 3 wounds in myself and apply the appropriate healing field. I know how to be an active listener and respect everyone’s need to be heard and seen. I feel more grounded within myself and more in love with myself, more in love with life, and I don’t take things personally when someone else is having a bad day.

In what way(s) are you bringing the JBL 12-Practices to life ?
Practice 2, Feeding the C.O.W.! (Container of Worthiness) Practicing with 4th graders was so fun that now I do it in line at the grocery store or the coffee shop! Emotional literacy!

Who knew there was more to discouragement, anger, anxiety, and depression in this world? I certainly didn’t until JBL. Honoring my T.E.A. (Time, Energy, Attention). Giving up being an over giver.

Embodying the cultural wounds and healing fields. Shame, abandonment, and betrayal ->->-> Honor, commitment, and loyalty.

What’s your experience been like so far?
I have felt so supported and accepted in the JBL tribe. I don’t know how to thank you all!

What would you LOVE to experience next? What would it provide for you?
I would love to be surrounded by JBL peeps in person in my daily life. It would feel like heaven on Earth!

Amy Gregory, Texas
True friendship
Is allowing ourselves to be seen
Beyond the realm
Of right and wrong.
It’s a kind and loving gaze.