The 12 Practices E-book

Come back to your body. Be true to yourself.

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What’s your most important priority? Most people have a hard time answering that question without making justifications or excuses or wishful thoughts about why they’re not doing what they most want to do. Their most important priorities have been left on the backburner, and the result is suffering with dissatisfaction and/or loneliness.

Imagine yourself enjoying a lifestyle where your relationships look like this:

  • kindness is combined with strength,
  • truth is mixed with joy,
  • authentic power and validation are friends, and
  • lofty wisdom is united with practical action.

As a result, you’ll experience (on the daily):

  • core emotional stability,
  • embodied well-being,
  • magical relationships, and
  • authentic self-expression.

How would you like to create relationships where these are truly possible? How would you like to begin with the most important relationship in your life, the one you have with YOU?

The Joy-Based Living 12-Practices were designed and created just for you!


This is one of the most valuable investments in yourself that you will ever make.

If this video message speaks to you, so will the Joy-Based Living 12 Practices Ebook which includes:

  • 12 Practices to boost your JOY
  • 12 Journaling exercises to boost your self-awareness
  • 12 Embodiment practices to boost your self-acceptance
  • 12 Videos to supplement the practices to help you further integrate the Practices
  • A section on how you can apply art and creativity to enliven your Practices
  • A Commitment to Self Ceremony
  • Shared Agreements that you can share with your friends
  • How to start your own JBL group
  • What it means to be an Empowerment Partner, and an invitation you can share with others to join you in such a relationship.
  • How to end the cycle of shame in your relationship with yourself and in your relationships with others
  • 75 pages
  • Full color

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The content of the 12 Practices stands on its own. But it opens the door to so much more!

With your purchase, a JBL Basecamp membership opportunity will be available to you.  Your membership will allow you to experience the 12 Practices within a supportive and structured community atmosphere. There is a separate cost for joining (currently $97).

If you would feel one-on-one support would be a better option for you at this time, you can schedule a coaching session.

Note: There are no refunds for Joy-Based Living products, courses or membership programs. You are 100% responsible for your outcomes. Our programs can support and supplement medical and psychological services, but we are not a replacement for such services.