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At Joy-Based Living . . .


In this in-depth interview, Emma Whalley gets me to talk about ALL OF IT. The conversation is an hour. (Which is kind of long when you just meet someone!) So I asked my friends to create a list of topics… a table of contents. This way, you can scroll to what YOU are interested in! Hope you enjoy it and it sheds sparkles of light, clarity and joy on your journey!!

00:00 Intro
05:02 Trifecta ship introduced
06:46 Obstacles to Joy
07:27 Emotional Ladder introduced
08:52 Trauma defined
13:20 JBL 12 Practices
14:11 Feed your COW
16:07 Where JBL started
17:08 Honor discussed
23:00 Authentic Connection
25:30 Groups-Building relationships
33:12 Gabor Mate book reference
34:44 Requires interaction & desire
37:22 Contact Happy D (new LINK-TREE)
39:21 Emotional Flashback explained
41:23 Patreon support platform
45:56 Ripple reference
48:22 Brainwashing discussed

Our Vision: Thousands of subcultures of wellness around the world where people feel more at home in themselves and with others.

– Debbie Happy Cohen, Life Coach, Founder of Joy-Based Living, Author of Reach Your Stars!

“Inauthenticity, being someone you’re not, is our biggest source of stress.”

Dr. Gabor Maté, The Myth of Normal

We flourish when we are connected with others who support the true self.

But how do we become such a person and where can we find this kind of community?

Right here! At Joy-Based Living!

At JBL, we use a proven set of principles to relate to ourselves and others and to help each other flourish and grow.

Debbie Happy Cohen, Founder of Joy-Based Living at Jerusalem Cafe with Jonathan and Henrietta, our mascots. Filmed spontaneously by Juli Jordan, inspired by a great conversation and delicious Middle Eastern cooking!

When the authentic self is unwanted, we struggle. We suffer. We die a hundred thousand deaths.

Anxiety and depression are the results of a stuffed self. You aren’t alone.

We can blame old, unhealthy cultural conditioning. We can upgrade how we see ourselves and how we treat others.

The truth is…

When our authenticity shines, we flourish.

Joy is our natural state of being. As we reclaim our energy, we improve our sense of direction and increase our clarity about our life purpose.

True joy is possible ONLY when

  1. We are Authentic.
  2. We feel Connected to other people who share their Authentic selves with us.


At Joy-Based Living, we show people how to create and sustain Authentic Connections. We offer tools that are easy to apply and that last for life.

We are trauma aware and we have deep appreciation for people who are actively healing from emotional trauma.


The benefits of having truly Authentic Connections in your life are outstanding!

“Debbie Cohen lives and teaches a path to happiness that can positively affect your health and longevity.”

~ Dr. Mario Martinez, bestselling author of The MindBody Code and The MindBody Self

  • You’ll be more energized, powerful and creative
  • Your presence will be radiant and strong
  • You’ll save a ton of money on therapy
  • You’ll be less compulsive, obsessive and addicted
  • You’ll feel more hopeful, more content, and more joyful
  • You’ll improve your ability to self regulate your emotions
  • You’ll experience more secure attachment
  • You’ll know the joy of real friendship
  • You’ll be less needy
  • You’ll take more healthy risks
  • You’ll be more YOU!

In our culture, being Authentic doesn’t come naturally.

Why? We are constantly conditioned to conform. As children, many people gave up their Authenticity for the sake of survival.

When we create Authentic Connections, we give ourselves and others the greatest gift.

Authentic Connections offer a healing balm. A space where we can thrive.

When we are Authentic, we open ourselves to experience the magic of Authentic Connections.

Authenticity requires a deliberate effort and a conscious intention. Like a workout.

An Authenticity workout!

That’s what the 12 Practices are for.

That’s why Joy-Based Living exists.

Get Started with 3 E-books!

Are you ready for more JOY in your life? These E-books will help you begin your Joy-Based Living journey right now!

  • The 12 Practices Ebook – start here if you’re ready to permanently transform your life from the inside out and / or if you want to become someone who can enjoy and attract AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS!
  • SANCTUARY Ebook – start here if you’re dealing with trauma and you want to increase your Sovereignty, Power and Agency (SPA)! It’s FREE when you sign up for my newsletter. Just click the image!
  • JBL Planner Ebook – start here if you want to feel great about how you invest your Time, Energy and Attention (TEA) every day!


“Our aim is to be a conscious culture which actively allows joy to be fully accessed and experienced by each individual.” ~ DHC

Excerpt from an interview with Nova Southeastern University. Click here to read the entire interview.


“Humanity is always transitioning. But this is the first period in human history where we are having multiple transitions simultaneously, and each one is techtonic, is enormous, is fundamental.

Even more importantly… in previous transitions, people always had a fallback… they could always go back to the clan, the tribe, the village… they could always revert to something that kept them grounded and centered, that buffered the changes, that reduced their anxiety. ..

In our world today, we have widespread anonymity coupled with total loneliness. It’s a toxic mixture. It’s the recipe for mental illness.”

Sam Vaknin, professor and author of Malignant Self Love

JBL aims to help people overcome these challenges and win … and we’re hitting the target! Members are receiving immediate and long lasting benefits. JBL households, JBL work spaces, JBL classrooms are on the rise. Our community is creating a new planet. We hope you’ll join us so we can add your story to our growing list of Testimonials!



Become Wholehearted! Listen to your heart. Stay in tune with your soul. And trust yourself more.

Wholeheartedness means really caring about the quality of how you feel. Your joy. Your empowerment. Your relationships. How you invest your time. Discernment is power.

Wholeheartedness requires community. You can’t really become wholehearted all by yourself. That’s why Joy-Based Living was created. All of our content and spaces for connection serve this purpose. Authenticity, reciprocity and inclusiveness are hallmarks of our culture.

In practice, being wholehearted looks like having meaningful conversations with yourself and with others. Becoming wholehearted means incorporating the Joy-Based Living Trifecta into your everyday life. It’s our framework for becoming wholehearted. It’s our way of being.


The JBL Trifecta helps us stay connected to ourselves and each other as we grow.
  • trauma awareness – Every single one of us either has trauma or knows someone who does. Our healing aim is for everyone to have self-connection.
  • spiritual connection – At JBL, we are inclusive to all beliefs that are life-giving.
  • peak performance – We aim for you to let your true self emerge in full radiance!


Joy-Based Living is an amazing, collaborative, co-creative community.

We express our Joy-Based Living philosophy in ART:


The rest of this page is under construction.

If you’re ready to get started, scroll up and get an Ebook!

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JBL has child-friendly resources as well as resources for adults. Here’s a map:

A Welcome Letter from our Joy-Based Living BEEE hive :-)…

We Are a Joy-Based Household mini-manifesto (print-out):


Click here to link to the Playlist. Here’s a fairy tale audio for you:

Here is how we practice living our JBL philosophy.

Empowerment & Healing Communities

The Discipline of Joy means diving into the deeper stuff, the mud under the lotus

We actively practice our philosophy for learning and growing. We use these resources individually to develop our personal strengths. And they give us a common language and shared-values which helps us grow together.

T.E.A. Time, an acronym for Time, Energy and Attention, our greatest gifts

S.P.A., an acronym for Sovereignty, Power and Agency, especially for people who tend to overgive their TEA!

CALI Calendar

Emotional Ladder for Emotional Literacy (FREE printout)



Blog posts, general

Blog posts on healing from Emotional trauma / Narcissistic abuse / CPTSD

Blog posts with Embodiment Meditation audios and videos

Youtube playlists: a sampling of Joy Workouts; Goat Notes for scapegoats and blacksheep; Healing CPTSD; TEA TIME)

Art & Soul

Through public appearances in the last year we are now sharing our JOY with wider audiences.

Coaching and skill-building for adults & children

Most people would agree that having more joy would be great. But what does it take to actually prioritize that? 99% of transformation is listening to the objections and then negotiating. Navigating difficult conversations and overcoming obstacles within YOURSELF and with OTHERS. At JBL, we practice negotiating for JOY. That means WIN WIN. It means standing for thriving, not just surviving. It means embracing life’s awkward conversations with courage, conviction and celebration!

Soul, Joy & Wonder

Storytelling is a fun and powerful way to access your deeper mind and create lasting transformation. Here are a few projects that are in the works. Stay tuned as they emerge!

Bringing Joy to the World

INSERT: art piece with “If there was more joy in the world… and it all begins with you and me” “We have the power to change the world together.”

“You can’t leave all the darkness back there and pretend it’s not there.”

Vito Acosta

“Your time, energy and attention are your most precious gifts. Invest them wisely. You are so worthy.”

Debbie Happy Cohen

Past Events – In Person

Pop Up Art Exhibit Sept 25 2021

Joy-Based Living presented It’s About Time! November 13 & 14th!

Past Events – Online

Self Care Art presents TIME TO SHINE! Next Meetups are on December 12 and January 12

Check out Self-Care Art Expression For Your Heart and Soul on Meetup

PRESENCE goes for 100 days and you can jump in anytime. Recordings are available. This series is Awesome.


Live Events 2022


  • Online. Live-streams at Patreon. A new series, Worthiness Matters, begins April 1. Recordings from previous live-streams (Surrender to Love and PRESENCE) are available once you join!
  • Online. Get Fairy Tales for kids and adults. At Debbie’s YouTube channel Monday’s at 9pm Central through the spring and summer of 2022. Starting on Monday evenings in April (stay tuned!)


  • In-Person. Art Exhibit in Mentone, Alabama on Lookout Mountain: May 21, 10am-3pm, on the grounds of Mentone Inn