“The light inside of each and every person is worth fighting for. Standing for. Singing, dancing and painting for! And bringing out that beautiful light together is sooo much more FUN than going at it alone. This is what we have created at Joy-Based Living.

I envisioned a place where people could develop their sense of empowerment and JOY. Without religious doctrine. Without family strings. And without dependency on a teacher. It would need to be peer-led. And the community would need to be continual (not just a weekend or even a year). I also wanted it to be accessible, which meant it would need to be online. And affordable. ”   – Debbie Happy Cohen


In July 2016, our Kickstarter backers successfully funded the production of a Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide E-book!  The original Kickstarter video (above) will give you a pretty good impression of what it’s about.

Buy the JBL Beginner’s Guide E-Book today!

Welcome! Empaths, Creatives, Coaches and Healers …

Joy-Based Living
Is a community
Where you can develop
The best of Who you are becoming
Within a conscious community setting – online

Our members are global
And deeply committed
To emerging the best they can be

Imagine a 12 step program
But rather than identifying with
Having a problem that needs healing

We identify with our greatness
That is worthy of tending

Our Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide E-book offers 12 practices
which are the foundation for our conscious conversation

You can do the 12 practices on your own
Or with others in our program

It’s kind of like a consciousness gym
Where like-minded people hang out

What is Joy-Based Living (JBL)? 

JBL is a philosophy. It’s a practice. And it’s a global community.

It’s meaningful conversations and lasting connections among people who care about creating and experiencing more joy in their lives!

JBL Cover 2 Second Edition LR - ebookTo purchase the Beginner’s Guide which includes 12 perception-changing practices, click HERE.

This extraordinary program is multi-media, interactive and conversational.

Our Mission is to cultivate JOY and well-being in the world, through meaningful conversations and lasting connections.

Our Vision is to expand joy and well-being in our relationships, beginning with the relationship we have with ourselves! This will have a ripple effect of creating more joy in the world.

Meaningful conversations. Lasting connections. The JBL Beginner’s Guide (“the Guide”) combines an ongoing learning community – with leading edge content – to help you create a powerful and sustainable shift in your inner and outer conversations. 

Your life exists in conversation. Conversation is happening every moment of every day. In fact, you’re having a conversation with me right now. You regularly have conversations with others, of course. And you have conversations with yourself continuously… about your desires, emotions, things, community, self, life, etc.

The question is, do you LOVE the conversations you’re having?

Joy-Based Living offers effective strategies for improved communication, safety, and trust, for both individuals and communities. Our mission is to create healthy connections between people by establishing a shared space where conversations can be navigated safely so that individual (and shared) experiences can be more JOYFUL and you can go as deep as you need to create lasting change!

Joy-Based Living is a movement, a community of people who deeply desire to stand in their truth on every level and never have to walk alone.

We change the way we relate to ourselves by learning practices that help us recognize and develop our power. We use our power to take actions towards realizing our higher calling, courageously moving into the unknown without certainty, allowing what emerges to inform our next steps.

We learn what it feels like to experience relationships where honor, commitment, and loyalty are freely given and received.

While experiencing such depth of growth and support, you will have the courage, strength, and power to create fulfilling experiences in every area of your life.

You will have developed relationships that are always there to help you stand in your truth and be supported in your JOY so that you can spread your wings and soar.

Members of Joy-Based Living deeply desire well-being and joy for themselves and are willing to do what it takes to stand for the best in themselves and others.

flower-logojblIf you’d like to SOAR with us, please check out our Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide!