Hello and welcome to Joy-Based Living, an amazing, collaborative, co-creative community. Here are a few words about who we are and what we are about.

Have a taste! Here are a few examples of how we practice living our JBL philosophy. We invite you to join us.

Soul, Joy & Wonder

Storytelling is a fun and powerful way to access your deeper mind and create lasting transformation. Here are a few projects that are in the works. Stay tuned as they emerge!

Empowerment & Healing Communities

The Discipline of Joy (the deeper stuff, the mud under the lotus)

We actively practice our philosophy for learning and growing. We use these resources individually to develop our personal strengths. And they give us a common language and shared-values which helps us grow together.

Art & Soul

Through public appearances in the last year we are now sharing our JOY with wider audiences.

Coaching and skill-building for adults & children

Most people would agree that having more joy would be great. But what does it take to actually prioritize that? 99% of transformation is listening to the objections and then negotiating. Navigating difficult conversations and overcoming obstacles within YOURSELF and with OTHERS. At JBL, we practice negotiating for JOY. That means WIN WIN. It means standing for thriving, not just surviving. It means embracing life’s awkward conversations with courage, conviction and celebration!

The Proof is in the Pudding

Bringing Joy to the World

INSERT: art piece with “If there was more joy in the world… and it all begins with you and me” “We have the power to change the world together.”

“You can’t leave all the darkness back there and pretend it’s not there.”

Vito Acosta

“Your time, energy and attention are your most precious gifts. Invest them wisely. You are so worthy.”

Debbie Happy Cohen