Terms and Conditions

Joy-Based Living offers access to a variety of coaching programs and services, including one-on-one coaching and group coaching/classes as well as the 12 Practices E-book, and including original transformative fairy tales written just for you.

Each offers an opportunity to take a chance on yourself, and to make leaps into a better future than you have ever dreamed possible. Often, it’s when the going gets uncomfortable that people want to back away, slow down or quit, but it’s your commitment that helps pull you through to the other side. Your coach’s job is to tell you the truth to the best of her ability, and to give you the best possible reflection of yourself so that you can make necessary changes.

What you do with the information is entirely in your hands. For this reason, there are no refunds for Joy-Based Living services or products, including all coaching, membership services, subscription services and courses.

Joy-Based Living programs and products are not a replacement for psychological or medical help. If you’re dealing with issues that require professional attention, please reach out to a healing professional such as a counselor, coach, psychologist or doctor.

This is YOUR life, this is YOUR journey. Have fun making Joy-Based Living come alive for YOU!