Don’t Stuff Holiday Stress

What if you could wash your Stress with the ease and simplicity that you wash your hands, shower or brush your teeth. You don’t hang on to the dirt or analyze it or chase it down the drain, right? You just let it go. Soap, toothpaste and shampoo help the process. And then, don’t you just love feeling lighter, cleaner, and shinier?

You can release Stress just as easily!!! And when you do, the true you will shine through!!! ┬áThis experiences of freedom, authenticity, connection, embodiment and safety are Who you really are. Wouldn’t it be nice to rest in that Knowing?

In the next day or so (in time for the holidays), I’ll post an embodiment meditation that was recorded in last night’s JBL Vision Session (for JBL Beginner’s Guide members).

It was so awesome! People reported instant release of back pain, neck pain and stress, and moved into deeper states of present awareness and alignment with their vision.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this video:



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