A timely post-election message about Joy-Based Living

4 years ago, I started Joy-Based Living because the election wars were so awful, so full of meanness and cruelty. I decided my voice needed to step up to the plate. I needed to create a new way, a new place, a new space, for joy to grow.

Perfectionism be damned. It was time.

Today, JBL has a strong structure and amazing members. We know who we are and why we exist. We have grown from a small container garden that needed constant tending, into an arboretum where we can give back to new members. We are growing beautifully. We are sharing our authentic gifts with the world in bigger and stronger ways than ever before. I’m really proud of us.

Today, with the Biden/Harris win, I want to up level my game and our mission. Here is what that looks like.

Joy-Based Living MISSION

I intend that JBL will significantly increase FREEDOM AND JOY in our world by impacting these 3 arenas within our culture, globally and locally:

  • networking
  • therapy
  • spirituality

I think we would all agree that these areas exist to help people experience greater freedom and joy in their lives. The problem is that these 3 arenas often fall short. The result is that many people end up settling for CONFORMITY rather than being energized and lifted by true creativity and authentic connection. Fitting in vs. truly belonging.

But I think we can turn it around. The problem is old “cultural conditioning.” It directly affects our health, liberty and ability to truly pursue happiness. The solution is conscious power, deliberate change. Because of all the turbulence we’ve had in our world recently, the time is RIPE!

JBL will make an impact with literature and art, and by hosting meetings where conscious conversations take place. We will practice inclusivity and membership will always be a choice. We will never use force or fear. We will never use “power over” or settle for “power under”. We will become conscious of practicing “POWER WITH.”

What does this look like in the areas of spirituality, networking and therapy? As we become more conscious, powerful beings, we will show that love is stronger and more powerful than hate. What this looks like exactly, we will discover together as we create and shape this new experience of humanity… from humans… for humans and all of life.

People who want more authenticity and wholeheartedness in their networking relationships; including (but not limited to) spiritual leaders and therapists because they impact the lives of others in a very deep way.

A brag party spotlighting all of the people, philosophies, ideas and practices I admire most.


Increase your JOY! Tune in to your radiance and notice the radiance in others. What we focus on grows. Be a connector of people in a way that increases satisfaction, joy and love!

Much love,

Happy D!

One thought on “A timely post-election message about Joy-Based Living

  1. LOVE IT!!! “Tune in to your radiance and notice the radiance in others. What we focus on grows” Could the Vedas say it any better? I DON’T THINK SO!! Rock. On. JBL.;-)

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