All the time in the world: a perspective of generosity

deJoly asked me to make this “JBL building block” for her, and when it was complete I realized that a lot of people would probably enjoy the reminder.

It’s an outlook, a perspective, that allows us to have a larger spirit “generosity” and spaciousness and abundance. These qualities can exist in any given moment when we don’t feel rushed.

It’s not a suggestion to sit on the couch and drink beer all day. You can go really fast, in high-level activity, and bask in the feeling: “All the time in the world.”

It’s my wish for deJoly and everyone in the world.

Living well in the USA

Joy is the basis for our very best creativity. My wish is for your joy to be nurtured in a wonderful environment and for your joy to blossom into many many sweet experiences. Not only will you benefit, but the ripple effects can be endless and infinite.

Be intentional about your JOY. Repeat. Watch what happens.



Your JOY Rocks My World – Here are my 4 secret steps to quantum leap your life into greater clarity, improved results and more … JOY!

 * Video: 4 steps to bring your “impossible dreams” to life… with JOY! *

Hi Friends!

This video is especially for you who dare to believe that you can achieve “impossible dreams” and who are courageous enough (or “crazy” enough!) to go for it.

It’s my hope that you will be able to apply these 4 steps in your own life (self-coaching), and also use them when encouraging people you care about.

After all, who couldn’t benefit from more clarity and joy?

To those of you daring, bold souls who trust me to coach you… THANK YOU for co-authoring awesomeness!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

This coaching process would not exist without you. Celebrating your milestones (seeing your “impossible dreams” come to LIFE) is one of my favorite JOYS!!

Big love,

ps. Shout out and thanks to DeJoly LaBrier for directing, assisting, coaching and coaxing this video to come to life… in full sparkle!

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Courage to Connect: A JBL curriculum for teachers!

Amy and Debbie screen shot full of JOY
*New Joy-Based Living classroom support for teachers *
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Hi Friends!
Over the summer, my dear friend Amy Gregory and I collaborated to write a 20-lesson curriculum for elementary school teachers (3-5th grades). Amy’s been a teacher for many years, so we re-designed the JBL practices (especially Feed the C.O.W., or Container of Worthiness) to fit the needs of a typical classroom!
The best teachers are committed to creating atmospheres of JOY and well-being in their classrooms and one of the best ways to do that is to increase the sense of connection among students. So…
Our program is called “Courage to Connect”.
We had so much fun, especially because I’m more of a “broad stroke” and “big picture” person while Amy excels at making sure the instructions are clear and all of the students can follow along, even those who are just learning English. (I think it’s cool that she has a Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics!)
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The Art of Boundary-making and Disengagement

Coach dejoly

One of the arts that is rarely spoken about, yet we bump up against it all the time, is boundary making and how to not get caught up in our own or other people’s negativity or chaos. Our bodies react in certain situations with clinched fists, heart palpitations, rigidity in the back, tight throat and other ailments that we don’t attribute to poor boundary setting, yet are absolutely a result. Things like ulcers, addictions and diabetes.

We can often hear ourselves say, “I thought I was pretty clear with him about not liking his behavior, but he did it anyway.” Or, “Why can’t I decide what to do with my life?” And we really are sincere about not understanding why these things keep coming up in our lives.

For a lot of us, our childhood training, either spoken or implied, told us that we didn’t have the right to set…

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New: Goat Notes on Youtube


A few weeks ago, I began studying adults who were scapegoated as children.  I was so moved by the information that I created a short series of youtube videos called Goat Notes, which includes strategies for how to successfully face it, overcome it, and thrive.

How does this relate to Joy-Based Living? Many of our members care about being “fluent” in JOY because they know what it’s like to have experienced the exact opposite. Courage, honesty, willingness, resilience, and perseverance are some of our common attributes. We have created a community where we truly grow together. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, honored and blessed.

You can find the Goat Note videos here:

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JBL Podcast: An intimate conversation with Catarina De Hoyos about leadership development, motherhood, spirituality, numbing feelings and being real.

1 hour, 4 min.

Catarina walking across the Mary Kay stage in her red gown

In this intimate podcast, we share a very generous snapshot of Catarina’s transformation over the last few years through her coaching experience with Debbie. We explore the inner workings of leadership development in the life of Catarina De Hoyos, mother, beauty consultant, Mary Kay director, and dance ministry leader.

Catarina shares her story of loss, including deaths and divorce, and how she practices faith and courage which continue to bring miracles into her life. Catarina talks about a major turning point in her life (sobriety) and shares how she earned her first diamond ring in her Mary Kay business! Catarina shares what it means and what it looks like to be real.

Debbie shares why JBL was built, and how Catarina, and the 12-step programs, inspired the creation of the Joy-Based Living E-book and community.

What were the very specific coaching assignments Catarina practiced in order to develop herself as a leader, mother, and human being:

  • She developed community pillars for personal support.
  • She made an 8-year dream came true after she began to practice The Tell Me More worksheet that is at the heart of our JBL Wholehearted Mastermind class. When you embrace, embody the feelings you experience, and release judgment of them, you allow extreme acceptance to become extreme joy!
  • She sets joy free by using the Emotional Guidance Scale (see below).
  • She uses the EG Scale for parenting her teenage son.
  • She shares her Empowerment Embodiment Script (deep dive) experience and how it helped her to transform a core story that was holding her back.
  • How embodiment of her feelings, and setting boundaries, helped her shape her life.

Debbie shares what Joy-Based Living is and how to become fluent in embodied well-being: emotions, embodiment, empathy, and empowerment.

About our guest, Catarina De Hoyos:

Catarina De Hoyos is Hispanic and Native American Alaskan Indian. She is from San Antonio, Texas and her family’s origins stem from Spain and the Tlingit tribe in Alaska. She grew up bilingual, speaking Spanish and learning to make traditional family recipes.

She currently has one son, named Alex, who is almost 13. She is also adopting another teen-aged boy by 2018. Doctor’s tried to tell Catarina that her son Alex is autistic. She refused to believe them and today, Alex is an outgoing, happy tween who loves cats and especially big cats like tigers and lions. Alex also makes the honor roll nearly every quarter and he does not fall anywhere on the autistic scale.

Catarina was the first person in her family to graduate college. She attended Boston University and received her Bachelors of Science in Business Admiration. She then attended Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC where she received her MBA, (Master’s in Business Admiration).

She loves serving in her community and has served on the Board of Directors for The National Society of Hispanic MBA’s, The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, The Hispanic Professional Women’s Association and First Unity of St. Petersburg. She also leads a Dance Ministry at church which praises God through dance.

She has worked for several corporations and lastly for Robert Half International as a Division Director. There she quadrupled her division’s sales and earned a place in the President’s Club as one of the top ten Directors in the world.

Today she is an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, Inc. She has earned two career cars, three diamond rings and two trips to Cabo San Lucas. Her highest honor is being voted Miss Go Give by her National Area two times. This is an award given to someone who gives from the heart without expecting anything in return for their love. She loves the flexibility it gives her to raise and spend quality time with Alex.

One of her favorite places is the beach. You’ll find her jogging along the shore in the morning, picking up shells and splashing in the water. In the evenings, she loves to watch the sunset.

Her favorite quote is by Henry David Thoreau, “It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see.”

You can contact Catarina at or call her at 727-688-5388.

JBL Emotional Scale with Exclamation Point

JBL Podcast: Joy and Loss with deJoly LaBrier

deJoly LaBrier
deJoly LaBrier
Joy Cycle Heart with radiance moon and JBL logo
Joy Cycle (click to enlarge)



 1 hr.

In this podcast, Debbie explains the cycle of Joy. She provides not just a visual, but also a reasoning for how and why the cycle creates joy & loss through one’s personal development. Debbie provides some examples and names it the “the cycle of expanding joy”.

deJoly explains the joy & loss that happens for someone who has experienced abuse. She shares examples of how the cycle of joy & loss affected her personal life.  deJoly goes on to explain the way you go on to walk through the world of joy and how the illusion of loss affects your soul.

Laura asks deJoly how can someone who has experienced abuse as a child and deal with that kind of loss as an adult. deJoly provides examples and the reason why it is important to embody the loss regardless of how small the loss is. Debbie explains the fact that joy is not for the faint hearted and how it takes courage. Along with having compassion for the people we experience the loss with as well as ourselves. She also explains the importance of acknowledging the loss and how it helps take the pressure off so you can move forward. deJoly explains the reason why it is important to take the time to honor yourself and to process life experiences so you can move forward with joy.

Debbie provides insights from JBL’s practice #8 on emotional fluency & Browns’ Ted talks with shame and vulnerability and the average # of words people have to express feelings. Debbie also explains the space between us and how, due to fear of loss, people don’t always want to come along for the joy ride.

Debbie provides a deep dive into what it looks like to go through a TMM worksheet from the WHMM workshop that is offered at JBL. deJoly explains how the TMM worksheets ties in with joy & loss. Laura expresses how important it is to listen and to take the time to stop and smell the roses for the world we all live in. DeJoly provides an example to what Laura was saying about a class she teaches and what happened when they tuned into their selves and gave time to reflect. How by doing so allows one to move from loss to joy. Debbie renames the podcast episode the joy of loss. She expresses why she wants to celebrate the things that she has lost and for the people she has released. Laura expresses how celebrating the losses would be showing how it is for inner growth. DeJoly explains that the grief can take time.

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JBL Podcast: A deep look into embodiment

25 min  This recording has various noises in the background because #1 Debbie was so passionate about the topic that she decided to walk outside during the conversation and #2 Laura was totally on fire during the editing process where she stitched pieces from 2.5 hours into 25 minutes. Our hearts and souls come through clearly, and the irregularities are part of the art of this podcast.

What is embodiment and why is it so important for personal transformation? What are the amazing benefits of embodiment? Join us on an exploration of this powerful JBL practice.

In this podcast, Debbie explains not only what embodiment means, but uses Laura as an example to express how important embodiment is and how it can help you by simply being tuned in to your body. They’ll give you a deep look into the core of what Joy Based Living is all about and how you can join the community. When you change your vibe, you’ll find your tribe!  This is a podcast you don’t want to miss!

“We act out when we don’t have the language to say something in words.” – Dr. Gabor Máte

Debbie Happy Cohen Light Quote

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