Interview with Linda Burhans

Interview Prep notes … Ideas Resources and Connections… sharing with you, unedited.

Questions for caregivers to ask themselves, when considering their options:

Q: how much bandwidth do you have?

Q: how much desire do you have to explore your own soul, or the nature of Soul?

Q: do you have more freedom than you initially or habitual ly think you do?

Q: are you making the most of your resources?

Q: let’s talk about time management- from knowing what day it is to accomplishing tiny things that are importantly you

Q:grieving and trauma. Can you truly feel your sadness? (Not whining and complaining and self pity… but true grief?

Q: exploring self compassion

Comforting music:

Kenny Loggins

Michael Singer

Shaina Noll

Comforting poetry

Mark Nepo

Maya Angelou

Mary Oliver

Visioning Beyond

Speaking to Your Soul … and Listening

A care plan for YOU… that is JOY-informed so you can lighten your load and not add to your own stress.

Unnumbing your heart… resurrecting your joy.