Coaching for You

“Shout out to the GREATEST LIFE COACH in the World!!!! Debbie Happy Cohen and I just had a great short and very important phone call. I was having major back pain and was on the phone with Debbie for 20 minutes and voila!! It’s gone!!! Woot woot!! Much much better than having to wait to get into the Drs. Office next week and paying the co-pay, etc. Especially when I know it’s a mind body connection in the first place!! Much appreciation to you Debbie!!! 😘😘😘” Michele Stone, Tampa, FL Feb 27, 2020

You’ve got a business in place. Your heart is in it. You want to have more impact.

But you’re spinning, or you’re sluggish. Maybe you’re feeling stuck.

You have a nagging sense that – maybe, possibly – the culprit is YOU. And that with the right support, you could really kick some ass.

WOO HOO! Admitting that is such a big huge deal.

Maybe you’re a solo-preneur. Maybe you’re a multi-level-marketer. Maybe you lead teams. Each of these has its own challenges. But still, the main character is YOU.

And YOU want to raise your standards! You want to feel great about your efforts, your passion, the work you do.

The question is, are you ready?

The other question is, would we be a good fit? Let’s start here.

  • Are you a female entrepreneur who is in her heart-of-hearts creative and playful – while at the same time being competent and professional in your field?
  • Are you SASSY and STRONG yet also kind, compassionate and caring?


Hi, my name is Debbie Happy Cohen, and I’m a LIFE-BIZ coach for entrepreneurial women who have kind hearts and SASSY souls. My RESULTS-oriented business coaching strategies for women will help you access the options opportunities and JOY you’ve always dreamed of!

While I have a Master’s Degree in counseling and have written numerous self-development books, my passion is empowering women through one-on-one coaching conversations, helping you maximize your profits and truly enjoy your life, at work and at home.

During your coaching sessions, I will incorporate essential exercises and self-awareness practices to help you bring out your greatest strengths and bring out the best in others. How you feel in your work life influences how you feel in all of the other areas of your life. My aim is to see you thrive. I want you to feel phenomenal.

I don’t take on a lot of coaching clients. I deeply care. And I can be quite demanding. I make a great fit with people who appreciate my tell-it-like-it-is style along with my SASSY ways of being. If you’re afraid of going deep, being held accountable, or being truly seen, I will not be a good fit for you. I work best with people who are not only kind and caring, but who are also totally serious about raising their standards in their work and life and who are ready to play full-on. It’s YOUR life.

If you’d like to schedule an initial coaching session to see what we can co-create together, you’ll need to complete 3 tasks! Yes, grasshopper, this is a test to see how capable, willing and SASSY you are!

  1. Read this blog post: GET SASSY IN 2020 and IF you still feel like we could be a good fit for coaching, click the PATREON link at the bottom of the blog post.
  2. At PATREON, click the 30-minute coaching session option. Buy it.
  3. Stay tuned for an email from to schedule your coaching session. Please allow 48 business hours (Monday – Friday) to receive this personal (not automated) email. We will use the email you signed up with at PATREON. Be patient with technology. If you don’t see an email within 48 business hours (and you’ve checked your spam folder), write to me at PATREON. You’ll be able to direct-message me once you’ve purchased your session. I look forward to meeting you and cheering you ON!

SASSY Negotiating for JOY cover Dec 27 2019

Much love,

Debbie Happy Cohen

aka. Reverend Sassy Shorts


What prompted me to work with Debbie was knowing that there was something within me that was blocking me from moving forward in my business. And because the nature of the business was so important to my soul, of being a force for good in the world, changing people’s lives, it was more than a business – it was a moral obligation. And what had kept me from seeking Debbie’s help before, was based on money. Pinching pennies. Always feeling like I didn’t have enough. But there came a point, where I knew that the only way to reach my goal would be to invest in coaching. And that was the one thing that was missing in moving forward. 

It was October 2017. My numbers were dropping and I knew something had to change. Fortunately, they hadn’t dropped much, but it was significant enough to grab my attention.

So I sent a text to Debbie from the tarmac, before the plane took off, because I knew that if I had a few hours, I could talk myself out of that commitment.

Income from my business has doubled. I have overcome fears that literally made me sick to my stomach, such as making a video to show on a private facebook page. Which turned into putting videos on a public youtube channel. Which turned into doing a facebook live without really a second thought. And certainly without being bedridden for 3 days because the process was so traumatizing.

Improvements in personal relationships with my husband, with my mom. Improved boundaries with people that I allowed to scare the shit out of me. And, to feel more comfortable in my skin and allow my freak flag to fly!

In the beginning, I felt like I was supposed to have homework done and that there was going to be rigid structure. I was wrong. It is an adventure. It’s intuitive. And once I understood that I never really knew how it was going to go, but the end result was always surprising, enlightening and sometimes mind-shifting, I began to really, really look forward to coaching sessions.

If you’re thinking about signing on to work with Debbie, I say: Absolutely. Without a doubt. Don’t think about it another minute.


Being in commission sales, my schedule is “all the time.” In my career, there are a lot of plates spinning. When Debbie and I started working together, my business was in chaos central and I was completely overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do, I just had so much coming at me and I didn’t know how to organize it. I knew I needed help. Intuitively, I knew that Debbie was the one to coach me. And I was right.

Since we started working together, I’m making better choices with my time and my energy. I don’t feel like I’m missing things along the way. I’m happier, my clients are happier and I’m making more money!

In working with a coach, I need somebody who will stand WITH me and AGAINST me, simultaneously. I would walk all over other people. Debbie stands firm and holds me accountable to the things that really count. She will not let me walk all over her. And as a result, I get to win. She identifies what it is that will work best for my personality in business systems, and in personal growth. Then she coaxes me into implementation. 

Debbie has kept me on a consistent schedule for more than two years. Miracles do happen. Working with her is not just about business, but breaking through the emotional and personal roadblocks and barriers that used to hold me back, which kept me from growing and thriving. Taking personal time and NOT working – actually balancing life and work – is also part of what I’m learning to do. 

I would definitely recommend Debbie to anyone who is truly willing to be coached. You have to be open to trying something new, to making changes and doing the work.