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What are your “impossible” dreams? Bring them to the table!

If you would like to schedule 1.5 coaching sessions for clarity, focus, and direction, you may purchase it here ($300). This will include a 90-minute session PLUS a 30-minute follow-up to make sure you’re on track and to clarify your next steps. After you make your purchase, you’ll receive a coaching questionnaire within 24 hours. Once you send it back to me, we’ll schedule your session. Although your session is about 90 minutes, its effects can last up to a lifetime. Not kidding.

Let’s Talk!!

During your quantum-leap coaching session, we will meet face-to-face (via video stream or in person). Together, we will co-create an environment for your greatest success by:
  • setting a trajectory, a path for your success toward what you really want to experience and contribute in your life
  • making sure this trajectory is in alignment with your heart and soul (not just an empty goal, but something that will truly be fulfilling to you; not just at the end, but also along the way… THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!!!)
  • writing a detailed list of your most important priorities, including what structures to set up, what to eliminate or edit (to support your trajectory)
  • establishing a rhythm for your daily and weekly activities (to help you stay focused on your trajectory)
  • helping you stay on track with accountability as well as inner-awareness of what stops you from moving forward and what inspires you into your greatness
  • celebrating your milestones!!!!
  • repeating the above steps, with so much JOY!!!
First, we increase your clarity, then your confidence, and finally your contribution!! Quantum Leap Coaching includes customized solutions, accountability, targeted support, YOUR authenticity and originality, your quantum leaps, and trailblazing a path for YOUR best life!! Quantum Leap Coaching expects you to take 100% responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This means being courageous and committed to the process. Due to the level of commitment required on your part, there are no refunds for coaching. Having “both feet in” is one of your greatest assets and allies. Click Here to Schedule Your Coaching Session