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Discover the smallest shift in your perception that will create the most impactful results in your life!

You contain the blueprint for your JOY.

Your life purpose, your passions, your talents, your destiny, are already alive inside of you.

The question is, how much JOY are you capable of experiencing?

How CELEST Coaching works:

Together, we will delve into a vision of possibilities that are unique to YOU based on your desires, your intuition and your current resources.

You’ll receive tools to help you overcome the obstacles (internal and external) which have stopped you in the past.

You’ll experience the GLOW of your radiant self as you step toward your destiny, which is emerging from your soul, even as you are reading these words.

You’ll be given very specific homework assignments, which will leverage your power in the most impactful way, to generate the results you are truly seeking.

We will celebrate your successes, big and small, as you journey forward, feeling more joyful, supported and LOVED than ever before.

You will develop a sense of FULLNESS, which will give you an empowered perspective to be able to continue on your path.

Coaching works best with people who are ready for it: People who deeply desire a better way, who are open to an honest inquiry about themselves, and who take personal responsibility for their choices.

Timing: Sessions are generally 60 minutes, up to 90.

Pacing: Weekly or every other week.

Options:  5 sessions for $1,500 or 10 sessions for $3,000

If you are ready to begin, fill out this form, and we will email you a coaching agreement, which you will need to complete and return prior to starting coaching.

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CELEST Coaching Packages
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