Friendship Circle

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Our first official Friendship Circle is launching in Vienna, Austria at Bobal Sound Studio. January 2023. Contact

“Doing the Joy-Based Living 12 Practices has changed me & my life

I have changed a lot of my self talk from I MUST and I SHOULD to: “I would love to” or “I want to”. Asking myself what I would love to experience time and again has changed my perspective and I have taken my power back that way.

It’s not just that I’ve changed the words. I’ve experienced a great shift in how I treat myself. I now have a kinder and more loving relationship with myself. As a result, my relationships have also become healthier and stronger.

I learned that shame and abandonment are cultural wounds that everyone experiences. I also learned not to take them personally. They didn’t happen “just to me”, which would make me “unworthy” or “unloveable”.

Doing the 12 Practices has given me a lot of self-awareness; I feel more heard and seen, simply because I look at and and listen to myself more. As a result, I have also become a better listener in my relationships.

In fact, I love the Practices so much that I have started a Joy-Based Living Friendship Circle in my studio in Vienna where we meet monthly and do the 12 Practices together.

If you’re looking to have a better relationship with yourself and with others, don’t hesitate. Go ahead and do the 12 Practices right now! You’ll be so glad you did.”

Heidi Bobal, Vienna, Austria