Emotional Ladder – Instructions with printout and video

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cover photo for the Joy Workout #44 video

To listen inside to what your soul actually needs, pay attention to your emotions. You embody emotions all day, every day. Watch the Joy Workout #44 video below!!!

By climbing the emotional ladder (also called the emotional scale), you will gain a deeper appreciation of your emotions and access joy more easily.

Here’s what to do:

Print out the graphic below and/ or save it in your photos folder in your computer and on your phone. Bookmark this page! Easy access to the ladder = more frequent practice. Place it where you will easily see it. People have put it on their dashboards, in their bathrooms, on their refrigerators, in their wallets, on their office walls, in their bedrooms.


  1. Refer to the ladder throughout the day by asking yourself, “What am I feeling right now?”
  2. Use your finger to point to one or more feelings on the ladder (the physical movement will focus your attention).

You will learn more quickly when you follow the 2 instructions. Through repetition and using physical movement, your mind will feel the importance and absorb the practice more quickly.

Here’s the video:

Here’s a piece of art from the Joy-Based Living Building Block Village: