JBL Coaching Questionnaire

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased a coaching session with Debbie Happy Cohen. Upon receiving your completed questionnaire (below), I will contact you by email to schedule your first session.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you to reach your fullest potential!


Coaching Questionaire

In order to establish a successful coaching relationship, it’s important that you are “coachable”. Here’s what it means to be coachable:

  • you are open and receptive to transformation,
  • you are willing to trust your coach’s guidance, and
  • you are committed to following through on coaching assignments to the best of your ability.

A coaching relationship can be compared to learning to swim. To be successful, both feet have to be off the ground. If you learn to let yourself relax and float, you’ll have a much easier time and you’ll have more fun, too!

Please answer the following questions as completely as possible so that your coach can get to know you. The questions will also help to prepare you for your first coaching session.

Thank you!