Debbie Happy Cohen, Founder of JBL

Joy-Based Living

Our Vision

Thousands of subcultures of wellness around the world where people feel more at home in themselves and with others.


By creating relationships that are rich with honor, appreciation and wholeheartedness.


There’s an overwhelming amount of loneliness in our culture.

And it doesn’t have to be that way!

Since 2016, with help from my friends, we’re doing something about it.

We’re creating spaces where people can heal and feel and grow together…


  • A financial price tag that keeps many people out (high end coaching)
  • The price tag of a disease or a label (12 step programs and counseling)
  • The price tag of a religion that is not inclusive
  • the price tag of conformity (country clubs) where true feelings, needs and desires are held back
  • The price tag of one person taking charge and being above the others (cults)

The price tag for community, for belonging, should actually be FREE.

At JBL, the price tag isn’t crazy. It’s just right.

At Joy-Based Living, here’s how it goes:

  1. I see you as my peers. I want to show you a path that could really work for you AND I want to learn from YOU, too!
  2. I believe in reciprocity. Our exchange of energy and kindness and money needs to flow freely.
  3. We need healthy self-trust. I’ve created group structures that support each person in expressing their true feelings, needs and desires.
  4. Our ebooks and gatherings are priced to be within reach for most people; private coaching is based on what feels most awesome.

Still curious ?

Watch this video… Joy-Based Living Basics with Debbie Happy Cohen and Emma Whalley


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This testimonial just came in from Heidi Bobal in Vienna, Austria.

“Doing the Joy-Based Living 12 Practices has changed me & my life.

I have changed a lot of my self talk from I MUST and I SHOULD to: “I would love to” or “I want to”. Asking myself what I would love to experience time and again has changed my perspective and I have taken my power back that way.

It’s not just that I’ve changed the words. I’ve experienced a great shift in how I treat myself. I now have a kinder and more loving relationship with myself. As a result, my relationships have also become healthier and stronger.

I learned that shame and abandonment are cultural wounds that everyone experiences. I also learned not to take them personally. They didn’t happen “just to me”, which would make me “unworthy” or “unloveable”.

Doing the 12 Practices has given me a lot of self-awareness; I feel more heard and seen, simply because I look at and and listen to myself more. As a result, I have also become a better listener in my relationships.

In fact, I love the Practices so much that I have started a Joy-Based Living Friendship Circle in my studio in Vienna where we meet monthly and do the 12 Practices together.

If you’re looking to have a better relationship with yourself and with others, don’t hesitate. Go ahead and do the 12 Practices right now! You’ll be so glad you did.”