Limited Edition! Authentic Presence: Lead With Your Soul

Update: March 22 2020

I literally have one copy left. Due to Corona, will ship it only within USA.


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Authentic Presence: Lead with Your Soul  – How Grief, God, and Gratitude Can Guide Us All Home by Debbie Happy Cohen, founder of Joy-Based Living

I have completed your book twice. It is a treasure that I will refer to often to read your inspirational heartfelt words and poetry. The book and all your work is a beautiful gift to the world. Keep shining your light and leading the way! Sending you my love!

– Ginger Caneer Bogue, Retired ICU Nurse and Grandmother



When I read something that is authentic and expresses honesty of transformation, I can feel its power. It is not limited to the story at hand but includes the healing energy and love which can meet others exactly where they are… if they are open to healing they can welcome this expression into their castle of consciousness and be blessed. This is such a book and I want to share the gift of healing with others.  This message of coming out of darkness into Light of Wholeness is now available to the sincere seeker of Spiritual Power each of us includes and is waiting to be validated and shared. 

Reverend Marcia, ADL

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Book and Shipment Details:

  • Limited edition of books will be autographed by the author!
  • This is a real book you will be able to hold in your hands. High quality, laser printed. Due to the reflective nature of the poems in this book, I want you to be able to read it without the distractions of technology.
  • At 8.5 x 11, the book is large enough to enjoy the book cover art and small enough to carry in a book bag.
  • The spiral binding will allow you to open it flat to whatever page you wish and continue to meditate on that page for as long as you wish.

Shipment Details: If you order today:

  • BONUS: You’ll receive 3 gorgeous postcards: God is An Ocean
  • Shipment will be mailed within 2 weeks of purchase.

Return policy:

  • I love receiving packages that feel yummy so you can count on receiving your package in good order. If for some reason your book gets damaged in the mail,  just send me a photo within 7 days of receiving it, and I’ll send you a replacement.
  • There are no refunds.

Order your copies according to where you live:

USA – Priority shipping
$20 per book
$6.70 shipping for one book
For shipping multiple copies, please inquire by using the contact form below.

Local (NE Alabama / NW Georgia / Chattanooga TN) – Local pick-up
$20 per book
Pick up at Healing Arts Connection meeting on April 12, or make personal arrangements.
You can purchase multiple copies using this PayPal link.

$20 per book
$20 shipping
Shipping plan: You’ll only be charged for the exact amount that it costs to ship. If it’s a little more, I’ll pay for it. If it’s less, I’ll send you a refund for that amount. If it’s a lot more, I’ll check with you before shipping (if you end up not getting the book, you’ll be refunded).
Shipping commentary: 2 years ago, I mailed gift packages which included one small painted magic rock in each package, to some JBL members in Europe and Australia.  They cost about $15 per package to ship. Imagine my surprise :-)! Sending the Authentic Presence book to Switzerland cost around $25. And, in usual JBL style…  I thank all of the people who are running the delivery systems and keeping all our mail organized. It’s truly amazing.
For shipping multiple copies, please inquire by using the contact form below.

Contact form:
For ordering multiple copies, celebrity send-outs, etc.
Please be specific.



Click here to read excerpts, including:
“Iraqi Jewish Priestess”
“My story and how the book cover came to be (or: My inner superhero cape)”


15 thoughts on “Limited Edition! Authentic Presence: Lead With Your Soul

  1. Thank you Debbie, I so look forward to reading this book. Since you mentioned it on Basecamp I had a few glimpses of it and think its going to really rock the world. This is another layer and output of your wisdom to guide us towards embodying grief, gratitude and divinity to help us come home to our soul so we can fully become alive in the joy, which we already are. I am so honored to be part of the journey. With much gratitude, Claudia

  2. I am grateful that I was one of the first to read the final draft of Authentic Presence; Lead With Your Soul. It is a book that takes the reader on a deep dive; a journey of loss and grief and anger. A loss of culture and family. It made me laugh and cry and shout. I pounded the table where I sat reading it. Then I jumped up and ran out the back door and shouted into the forest to God, “thank you for giving Debbie the heart to write this book!” I recommend it to everyone who is willing to look at the dark side of their heart and bring it into the light, love it, and let the judgment go. We are perfect and imperfect. We love and are loved. This book is inspirational and written with authentic presence. Sending prayers of gratitude for you Debbie. Thank you for being you and for giving this book to the world. Much love, deJoly LaBrier, Author and Integration Life Coach

    1. Thank you, deJoly! Your life is a testimony to Authentic Presence. You constantly inspire me to be true to my Soul. YES: “We are perfect and imperfect. We love and are loved.” And you are so very welcome! 🙂

  3. The first time I understood that the Soul lived in the dirt, the muck, the earth was during a conversation with Debbie. Suddenly a piece of the puzzle clicked into place. I felt as though I had discovered an ancient secret! Maybe that’s why her vignettes are so captivating to me. She brings forward what, for me, is the missing piece. We may know about positive affiramtions, neurolinguistic programing, and so many other approaches to moving through “our stuff” and toward success….and yet there is the muck and the worms and fungus from which we all look away….those elements that thrive in the dark, like shame….that sabotage the best of our intentions.

    It is a very brave soul who can face this aspect of themselves and embody extremely uncomfortable feelings. In this book and in Joy Based LIving, Debbie shows us how to turn lovingly toward & hold space for the dark and dank emotions, judgement free, and bring them into our heart, into acceptance.

    And if it is in the dank and dark and wormy world where the Soul lives, and I believe it is, then this book is what we all (who are brave warriors) long for…to inspire us and to remind us that The Soul is the Solution.

    This is the time to be brave, to dig deep, to look into the shadows and to love it all no matter what. And that is why I am so thrilled that this book is available to inspire us onward!

    Thank you Debbie and thank you JBL Tribe!

    1. Juli, you express so well the bravery that is required for this path. SO TRUE. And that makes me more GLAD to have you on our JBL journey as you bring so much humor and lightness to me and to all of us!

      I think what inspires me most about the Soul and the reason it’s so worth it to me to face the wormy darkness is: it’s the birthplace of the seeds of possibility, it’s where the seeds pop open and root and shoot and become all kinds of nourishment and beauty. Darkness is the womb for absolute JOY. We are dancing in the dark, among the hooting owls and howling wolves. What a thrill! 🙂

  4. I bought this book because I want more awareness in my life… and I’ve found Debbie’s writings always help move me forward in that pursuit. Once again, I’m being rewarded — richly and deeply, I would add — because each time I’ve opened this book (Authentic Presence) and read a passage or a page, I’ve been brought face-to-face with myself… with my soul-in-earth… with my wildman-wrestling-while-saint-willy’s-strolling. Expanding my awareness of who “this guy” is comes more readily when I read something written by one who knows the terrain well. What I know for sure is this: although living life in a “facing oneself” manner CAN be “joy-based,” it is not a path to be taken by the faint of heart… but for all who do, this book is a valuable field guide. Thanks, Debbie. You Rock.

    1. Thank you so much, Willy. I love this: What I know for sure is this: although living life in a “facing oneself” manner CAN be “joy-based,” it is not a path to be taken by the faint of heart… but for all who do, this book is a valuable field guide.

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