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After some exploration and dialogue with group members, we figured out that we could use the Comment section (below) to share our unique and creative ideas about how we’re each using our Planners. You can also ask Questions there!

Advantages: It’s right here at the JBL website. You can post text and images. Maybe videos, too. We can explore it together. If you want to share your creative ideas on youtube, just post a link here.


Youtube Playlist (Public):

 Youtube Playlist just for the JBL Planner. I’ll post goodies there and share the links here.

FB JBL Group (Private): Feel free to share your Planner photos in our JBL group at FB!

Please share your testimonials, ideas, suggestions or questions in the comment section below. You’ll have to be signed into wordpress. You’ll be prompted to do this when you comment. It’s free to sign up:-).

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