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After some exploration and dialogue with group members, we figured out that we could use the Comment section (below) to share our unique and creative ideas about how we’re each using our Planners. You can also ask Questions there!

Advantages: It’s right here at the JBL website. You can post text and images. Maybe videos, too. We can explore it together. If you want to share your creative ideas on youtube, just post a link here.


Youtube Playlist (Public):

 Youtube Playlist just for the JBL Planner. I’ll post goodies there and share the links here.

FB JBL Group (Private): Feel free to share your Planner photos in our JBL group at FB!

Please share your testimonials, ideas, suggestions or questions in the comment section below. You’ll have to be signed into wordpress. You’ll be prompted to do this when you comment. It’s free to sign up:-).

6 thoughts on “Planner – Join the Conversation

  1. I love my JBL planner! I’m not always consistent in using it every day yet. However, I find myself thinking about it throughout the day. I often think about the prompt “I have scheduled this person for meaningful time together:” and add people to my calendar because of it. If I’m going to spend 9 hours a day, 5 days a week at my office, I really love that I’m being more intentional about spending time with people I enjoy spending time with who inspire my best self.

  2. I really love the planner. I have grouped it into my Life Success Planner which tracks my gratitude, my meals, water, exercise and business activities. I would somehow like to have more room for: “Right now, I am feeling…”.

    I tend to go to the emotional ladder and identify with an area, then journal to move myself up the ladder. For example, I may start at Shame. I journal as to why and then I wish to move up the ladder. So I will then move to Hatred and journal again and so forth until I go as high up the ladder as possible. What I currently do is make a note on the page that says, (See Back), which means to see the back of the page. This is where I journal each of my emotions and climb the ladder. Thank you so very much for creating this planner to document my authentic feelings and experiences.

    1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Catarina. I love hearing how you’re using it and hopefully it will inspire others in their JBL Planner experience :-)!!

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