Wellness Ways Workshop Series August 2017

A Joy-Based Living Workshop Series
LIVE, August 2017
Hosted by Wellness Ways
540 County Road 176
(River Bluff Road)
Dutton, AL 35744

How much JOY would you be able to experience if the archetypal wounds of shame, abandonment, and betrayal were absent from your most cherished relationships (including the one you have with yourself?) What would your life be like if honor, commitment, and loyalty were freely given and received?

The Joy-Based Living (JBL) Beginners Guide E-Book engages these questions by offering effective strategies for improved communication, safety, and trust, for both individuals and communities.  Normally, this conversation is reserved for our online community… BUT …

In August, we will have a special opportunity to meet LIVE, and take an experiential journey through the JBL E-book together! First, in our “Basics of JBL” class, we’ll engage:

  • 3 cultural obstacles to JOY and 3 specific tools to transform them
  • 6 areas of life worthy of your JOY-full attention because they influence you in every moment
  • a meditation to increase the embodiment of your JOY

Then, over 2 Sunday afternoons, we’ll have “12 Practices” classes, where we will engage each of the Practices and do them together.

Note: Once you join the “Basics” class, you will gain access to our online community, and you will be granted lifetime membership.

The JBL Beginner’s Guide E-Book combines an ongoing learning community – with leading edge content – to help you create a powerful and sustainable shift in your inner and outer conversations. Our mission is to create healthy connections between people by establishing a shared space where authentic conversations can be navigated safely so that individual (and shared) experiences can be more JOYFUL and where you can go as deep as you need to create positive and lasting change!

Joy-Based Living is a movement, a community of people who deeply desire to stand in their truth on every level and never have to walk alone. It is a community of people who is literally… wanting to change their vibe and find their tribe for a Joy Based Living collaboration and support system!

Dates and Times
August 6, 2:00 – 5:00
The Basics of Joy-Based Living

August 13 & 27, 2:00 – 6:00
The 12 Practices of JBL
On the 13th, we will cover Practices 1-6
On the 27th, we will cover Practices 7-12

August 6
The Basics of JBL $25 (scholarships available)*
August 13 & 27

The 12 Practices of JBL $50 (scholarships available)*

*For registration, available scholarships, and questions please contact Wellness Ways at wellnesswaysalabama@yahoo.com or Nick Moon at phone (256) 609-3328. 


If y’all aren’t from ’round here…
If you’re not able to attend the local event and you want to join our amazing online E-book conversation, you can find us at www.joybasedliving.com/beginnersguide