Mastermind / Vision Process for Empathic Creatives, Coaches and Healers

joy-based-mastermind-launch-for-blog-stars-and-night-skyIf you a super-kind, kick-ass warrior who deeply cares about making a difference in the world…

If you KNOW … absolutely KNOW … that the most important healing and transformation in the whole world takes place in YOU FIRST…

If you have done personal development processes and you’re ready for something new, powerful, focused and ready to meet you where you are …

This process was created just for you!!!!

Background: I’ve taught many people to manifest seriously cool shit since 1995, when I created my first Mastermind group… houses, cars, relationships, marriages, cruises, businesses, profits, popularity, friendships, jobs… you name it.


A process of manifesting your desires, by creating a unified mental and emotional state of being regarding that desire.

Masterminding is my favorite subject in the world. And also my favorite research.

I LOVE seeing what works, what doesn’t.

Why it works for some people and not others. Why it works in some situations and not others.

It’s endlessly fascinating and I love seeing people manifest awesome experiences.

Even more… I love seeing them wake up to their own power and potential.

Here’s the main problem with almost every Mastermind process:

It focuses on the flowers and does not give attention to the soil. And as every gardener knows, if the soil isn’t good, you’re not gonna get good flowers.

But here’s the thing… most people don’t want to talk about manure and fertilizer. They just want the flowers.

In the world of masterminding and visioning, what this means is:

If a person uses an effective visioning process for manifesting a desire, and they feel worthy of it (especially in regards to that area of their life), they’ll most likely get it, usually quickly and effortlessly.

However, if they use the same vision process for something that they don’t feel worthy of, they’ll either a) not get it or b) it will come with pain.

So is the solution to make sure you feel worthy?

Well, yes and no. You already are worthy. So trying to increase your worthiness can cause you to spend a lot of time chasing your tail. And trying to remember you are already worthy can be a form of mental gyrations that get nowhere.

However, there is a practical form of experiencing one’s worthiness – and that is what we learn to do in this Joy-Based Living Mastermind course.

You become like a child. Completely innocent.

You see, it’s your REACTION to your so-called “bad” thoughts/feelings/beliefs that are dragging you in the opposite direction of what you’re consciously wanting to experience. YOUR RESPONSE to the unholy stuff. HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT the ugly, rotten tomatoes that live in the elephant graveyard of your psyche and that create crappy, broken-record results in your life. These trickster coyotes, influenced by your deepest wounds, insist that THEY should be ruling your kingdom, your life.

What results from this inner tug-of-war?

Imbalance and lots of missing the mark. For example, if you LOVE your visions (LOVE what you DO WANT) but you GET STUCK IN RESISTANCE when what you DON’T WANT appears, you won’t be free to experience your vision.

You may avoid thinking about your desires because those thoughts bring you feelings of sadness, disappointment, or something of that nature.

You may become a glutton for more and more and more good visions, and expending more and more energy trying to cover up the fact that you despise the “don’t want”.

Hiding your inner demons.

Causing conflict in your soul and wreaking havoc in your life.

Thinking about your desires should be as natural as the sun rising every day. The thoughts should be easy and effortless. They should evoke feelings of joy.

Your action steps, in alignment with your desires, should feel just as natural.

In order to help you achieve this, I just developed a BRAND NEW WHOLEHEARTED MASTERMIND process which has 2 parts:


In the first part, we really bringing to light what’s been hiding in the dark… your Scary Shadows (your dark side, which you avoid / deny) as well as your Golden Shadows (your strengths, which you avoid / deny). Your responses to those usually include some form of disconnection with yourself. So this part is all about Self-Connection.

Part 1 outsmarts you from trying to hide your shadows. They will show up in plain sight for you to see.

AND THEN … you will see EXACTLY how to fall in love with ALL OF YOU. Including your shadows. Including everything you do want, everything you don’t want and everything in between.

Part 2: VISION

From that empowered space of LOVE, and remembering and recognizing WHO YOU ARE, THEN you write, imagine and embody the most desirable feelings and visions that naturally emerge from having completed Part 1.

NOT to GET THEM in the future, but to ENJOY the PRESENT MOMENT FEEEELING SENSATIONS, as though they’re already here. This will greatly increase the chances of them actually happening in your life for real.

Note: This process is not about desirING. Or wantING. Or future manifestING. Those verbs actually separate you from the present moment and they separate you from your desire.

I GUARANTEE 2 results:

  1. Deeper CONNECTION with yourself.
  2. Greater ENJOYMENT of your desires.

I’m looking for 10 Beta Testers:

People who I DON’T PERSONALLY KNOW, to allow me to walk you through this amazing process, which takes about 90 minutes, usually less.

You’ll learn the entire process in ONE SESSION.

If you don’t experience both results within 7 days, let me know and I’ll give you your money back without any questions.

Yes there is a fee. No it’s not extravagant.

The session will be recorded for you, and I may ask you for permission to share your session publicly as a teaching tool for others (your choice).

If you’re seriously interested and ready to schedule a session, contact me in the form below and I’ll send you the payment link.



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