Start Your Own Group

Why Joy-Based Living groups?

We are people moving beyond “the pale”*.
This is super hard to do on your own.
You are unclogging all your pipelines,
Cleaning up dead carcasses,
Changing all your old, outdated stories.
JBL groups provide a support network
for this journey.

~ Julie Hoy, PhD

The Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide covers all of the details about how to start your own group. The 12 simple yet powerful practices are similar to exercise equipment – you can use them by yourself or with others.


*  What is “the pale”?   The paling fence is significant as the term ‘pale’ came to mean the area enclosed by such a fence and later just figuratively ‘the area that is enclosed and safe’. So to be ‘beyond the pale’ was to be outside the area accepted as ‘home’.  ~

true tribe postcard - website resolution

How would you like to receive this postcard in the mail? Yes, the REAL mail… with a stamp and everything! We are sending this postcard as a pre-launching gift to the first 100 people to request it… Anywhere in the world. CLICK HERE to get yours!

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