New: Goat Notes on Youtube


A few weeks ago, I began studying adults who were scapegoated as children.  I was so moved by the information that I created a short series of youtube videos called Goat Notes, which includes strategies for how to successfully face it, overcome it, and thrive.

How does this relate to Joy-Based Living? Many of our members care about being “fluent” in JOY because they know what it’s like to have experienced the exact opposite. Courage, honesty, willingness, resilience, and perseverance are some of our common attributes. We have created a community where we truly grow together. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, honored and blessed.

You can find the playlist of Goat Note videos here:

If you find them helpful, please subscribe to my channel, and like and share the videos with anyone you think could benefit.

Thank you so much!


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