So I’m sitting in a cafe yesterday afternoon, hanging out with a JBL (Joy-Based Living) friend. The cafe is kind of loud but I can hear a song coming through the ceiling speakers. I tune my awareness to and my ears perk up with delight. I don’t know the song but there’s a good mojo to it. So half way through it, I ask a barista if she could tell me the name of it.

“Happiness,” she says after checking her screen. “By Joey P-something.”

“That’s so cool! My name is Happy,” I tell her. She’s delighted. She makes sure I can find the song on my phone before she heads back to the kitchen.

Little moments like these are magical to me. Inspired. Action. Tuned in. Joy.

Here’s the song (called Lovely) from Joey’s album Music for Happiness.

Enjoy your day. Feel the magic!

Much love,

Happy D!

Debbie Happy Cohen, Founder of Joy-Based Living

3 thoughts on “Lovely

  1. This mellow song, like your serendipitous encounter with the cafe’s barista, is indeed “lovely”… Thanks for sharing both! 😉

  2. It truly was a magical moment! Awareness and stepping up allowed it to be. You were aware of the music and you stepped up to ask the young lady for help. She actually went back to the music station and checked for you! That was awesome. And her comment was “we’re all in this together!” How totally cute and cool…

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