There’s a Spark in the Air – Our First SASSY Sunday – Ushering in 2020 #getsassy

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Do you ever jones for a particular food – and you just HAVE TO HAVE IT? Well, that’s how I feel about JOY. My degree is in counseling – but seriously – the reason people go to counselors is because they want a particular pain to GO AWAY. That’s important. But it’s not sufficient. At the other extreme, there’s coaching. I love coaching because it’s about aiming for something bigger and greater than where you were before. But a results-orientation can get out of balance when the chase for the prize becomes more important than the joy of this very moment.

I stand for joy because when the spark of true radiance come alive in someone, it’s the most amazing and spectacular show on earth. I negotiate for joy because it brings our hearts into the equation. I rally for joy because it’s what makes life worth living.

In 2020, amidst the sensationalism, hype and noise of our modern world, I challenge you to sensitize yourself to the magic and awe that’s right here, right now. Let yourself feel it. Let yourself be fed by it. It’s inside of you and it’s all around you.

How do I know this? Well, let’s see…

  1. 2020 will be the Year of the Metal Rat according to the Chinese astrological calendar. And my friend Heather says that’s VERY GOOD.
  2. We are made of stardust – hey, that’s sparkly!
  3. Human beings like Lizzo are making awesome music while upgrading cultural perceptions of what’s cool, worthy and phenomenal.
  4. The funniest guy in the USA (in my not-so-humble-opinion) is from South Africa.
  5. When you’re happy and you truly know it, a light shows up in your eyes and fills the air. I think that’s freakin’ magical!
  6. I’m a Jewish Reverend from New York who lives in Alabama! I know things!

There’s a spark in the air! Let it inform you and guide you. Let this spark be the ignition for your intuition. You are SO very worth it!

Much love,

Happy D!
most recently nicknamed Reverend SASSY SHORTS

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3 thoughts on “There’s a Spark in the Air – Our First SASSY Sunday – Ushering in 2020 #getsassy

  1. What better way to ring in the New Year than amping up the “sassy factor “ in my life, your life, freakin’ everyone’s lives?!
    I’m down wit’ dat! 😃
    Rock on, Debbie, o’ knower of things!

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