Get SASSY in 2020!

get SASSY in 2020 campaign

Here’s a quick update of where we’ve been and what’s next!

  • Hey ma! I’m a Reverend! As of St. Patty’s day 2019, I officially became a minister at the Universal Life Church, the same awesome online space where Conan O’Brien became a minister, too! Feel free to call me Reverend Sassy Shorts!
  • Way back in 2017, inside the Joy-Based Living learning community, I started seeing patterns of where people were bumping into JOY CEILINGS.
  • In 2018, Narcissistic abuse came up as a hot topic and I was shocked and amazed to see how many people at JBL could identify with the experience. WTF!
  • Studying narcissistic abuse in 2018 led to a deep study of trauma and how to heal COMPLEX Post Traumatic Stress. I wrote a bunch of posts about CPTSR/ CPTSD and Codependency throughout the process. I just learned a better acronym from pioneer Peter Levine: CPTSI Complex Post Traumatic INJURY.
  • In 2019, I published the book SANCTUARY as a gateway for anyone wanting to thrive after emotional trauma.
  • I also published BRING IT ON, where I share a live example of how we at JBL practice emotional literacy for gaining clarity, self-awareness and healing. Turns out we were right on track but just needed to go deeper in order to heal trauma.
  • Our inner circle members at JBL are popping into more joy than ever before. Our practices are working and we are ON!
  • The topic of healing trauma is fucking heavy. Now that we have embraced the tools for healing, it’s time to lighten the load!! Way back at the turn of the century, in 2000, I published REACH YOUR STARS! It’s a coaching book for helping people to make their dreams come true, and it’s awesome. I spoke with thousands of people – in schools, churches and corporate arenas.  I love seeing people’s eyes light up when they see how totally amazing they are! This is my passion. I love seeing them get to know what they really want and GO FOR IT! I LOVE seeing them support others in the same way. The light in your eyes makes life worth living!
  • It’s time to bring that energy BACK to LIFE! It’s time to get SASSY!

Write my new book with me in 2020! The working title is SASSY. Negotiating for JOY: Embracing life’s awkward conversations with courage, conviction and celebration!  The chapter headings are written already but I don’t feel like doing it by myself.

So, I’d like to invite you to join me for the ride. I’ll start by recording and posting weekly audios and by the end of 2020, it may become an actual book… we’ll see what direction SASSY wants to take! I’ll write or record a new SASSY blog post every Sunday morning beginning December 29 2019 – HEY, THAT’s TOMORROW!!!

My aim is to see you thrive. I want you to feel phenomenal.

To join our SASSY Sundays campaign in 2020:

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SANCTUARY to SASSY Raise Your Standards

Much love and Happy New Year!

Debbie Happy Cohen

aka Reverend Sassy Shorts


4 thoughts on “Get SASSY in 2020!

  1. WooooHoooo This is soo exiciting! I look forward to seeing the stories come alive on here and in your book! There are so many life experiences that affirm what we are doing here at JBL!!

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