3 Power Mantras for Silencing Dirty Ninjas – Doubts and Fears – SASSY Sunday Week 7 of 52


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Hey Sassy Friend!

It’s Reverend SASSY SHORTS here! Last Sunday, after covering the topic of HELL YES!, I promised I would share with you three very SASSY mantras you can instantly use to help you stay in your power in the face of dirty ninjas like doubts and fears. They are:

I believe in me. I bet on me. I belong to me.

These mantras can be used by simply repeating them throughout the day, as often as you like. You can repeat them on the hour, or as-needed depending on the situation.

The more feeling and conviction you add, the more power they’ll have.

Except for one thing: If you DO NOT believe a mantra, it’s important that you “water it down” to where you can believe it. Just add a prequalification to the mantra, such as “I am learning to…” or “I would love to…” or “I intend to…” You can’t do it wrong. Just do your best.  Communicating to yourself that you care to be on your own side IS the whole point.

What you’re aiming for in these mantras is the power of greater SELF-AGREEMENT, SELF-ALIGNMENT, SELF-VALIDATION. SELF-LOVE.

I believe in me.

To me, the feeling of believing is one of the juiciest parts of being a human being. Imagining something that COULD BE… and then using that same amazing imagination to create the possibility… and THEN! Breathing LIFE into it by the power of belief. I don’t know that life gets any more scrumptious than that. And I think the more LIFE we breathe into something through our belief, the less likely we are to buy into fears and doubts. It’s an insulation, a buffer of sorts.

If it’s YOUR future you’re believing in, you will likely have actions to take to backup your belief. But think about when someone BELIEVED IN YOU. OOOOOOH…. You NEVER forgot that person. Or think of a time when YOU BELIEVED IN SOMEONE ELSE… and they trusted your belief in them… and it fed them… and maybe they took the risk or did the thing. Think of how YOU felt just simply believing in someone.

For me, my heart swells with pride. I feels exuberance and genuine love. I feel PURE JOY. For some reason, my dog Hiro Nakamura comes to mind (RIP 2018). I LOVED training him to do things he didn’t necessarily want to do. Like passing his canine good citizen test and his test to become a therapy dog. These tests required him to do things like walk past the bacon on the floor. And to wait for me from across a huge room while keeping his seated butt on the ground until I got there. BELIEVING that we could do it was half the fun.

Believing in myself has been a bit more challenging. I can be super idealistic and perfectionistic. The truth is that there is no such thing as EVER reaching my ideals or achieving lasting perfection of any kind. These qualities are meant to serve as beacons, not goals. Aligning with them gives my life meaning and joy. Believing gives me courage. Backing it up with action gives me confidence.

I enjoy the felt sensation of believing in myself. It feels like I’m adding wind to my own sails. It feels breezy and beautiful. It feels Godly. Maybe because it feels like a breath of life, a truly creative experience from the mystical part of my being.

Ahhhhhh. Yes.

I bet on me.

Whether you’re aiming to heal or to thrive in a particular area of your life, why not bet on yourself? Why not argue for your potential rather than argue for your limitations?

This mantra is fun and powerful especially if you’re in the midst of taking risks of any sort. It feels a little different to me than believing in myself.  It feels more yang,  more masculine. I imagine a strong bodyguard type of person standing behind me/ beside me and letting me know with their imperturbable body language, “I’ve got your back.” In this mantra, it’s ME offering that energy to MYSELF.

I BET ON ME has a definitive essence to it. A gut conviction. I can see myself plunking money down at the track. Except I am the horse. Betting on me first before I expect anyone else to. It’s a forward motion kind of energy. Let’s go! Let’s do this thing!

I BET ON ME feels SASSY!!!! Daring. Bold. Badass. A confident butt wiggle from a salon girl who’s wearing lots of feathers.

It’s also the birth of the USA. It the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

It sounds like HELL YEAH!!!

In the true-story movie “Molly’s Game,” this badass young woman keeps betting on herself by taking high-stakes risks. First she does this for the sake of egoic power and significance, then she learns from her mistakes and moves toward finding herself and shaping who she really wants to be. But no matter what, she just keeps putting the chips in her corner. She bets on herself.

I belong to me.

Ah… this mantra is great if you’re putting yourself out there, and especially helpful if you are dealing with fear mongers or haters. Their words are so cheap and yet they can be sticky and hurtful. Don’t let them.

The positive energy and SASS that this life requires from you in order to truly thrive IS YOUR TERRITORY. Before you belong to anyone else in this world, you belong to YOU. And you deserve to let yourself know that.

Here’s how you claim your turf: You pee on your territory. You mark it yours. And you give yourself a nice, wide, spacious, gorgeous area in which to live. You do this in your psyche by valuing what’s most important to you and holding it sacred. You make sure that what you value is truly worthy of your time, energy and attention.

I BELONG TO ME helps the lions in the Lion King re-establish their boundaries after they are taken over by Uncle Scar. I BELONG TO ME is what Simba has to learn after he is traumatized by his uncle, so that he can reclaim his kingdom, his territory. I BELONG TO ME serves to keep the elephant graveyard outside the main kingdom, making sure the hyenas stay there so they don’t eat your cubs.

Shout out to my friend Juli Jordan for naming those voices DIRTY NINJAS!!

So, what will you tell yourself the next time a dirty ninja tries to get you off your game?

I believe in me. I bet on me. I belong to me.


Big Love to YOU!

Debbie Happy Cohen

aka Reverend SASSY SHORTS!

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3 thoughts on “3 Power Mantras for Silencing Dirty Ninjas – Doubts and Fears – SASSY Sunday Week 7 of 52

  1. Great mantras here… Great insights here… Great photos of Big Boy here!!!
    Thanks for all you shared here, Debbie! πŸ™‚

    1. Writing that, I felt like a whirling dervish … and I was so tired that I just let go… that’s when Nakamura made his entrance! Lol! Glad you enjoyed it too πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎ

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