Most MAGICAL Testimonial Ever!

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Magician hand with magic wand

Most of my best coaching work is done privately. Meaningful conversations require a sense of safety and I do my best to create that feeling and maintain it. Therefore, when I receive a testimonial, I usually post it anonymously. It’s not as powerful to the reader but it keeps the power where it belongs. With my client.

Well . . . Michele just posted this at Facebook, so . . . I asked her if I could share her story with all her energy and excitement. She said, “ABSOLUTELY!”

Shout out to the GREATEST LIFE COACH in the World!!!! Debbie Happy Cohen and I just had a great short and very important phone call. I was having major back pain and was on the phone with Debbie for 20 minutes and voila!! It’s gone!!! Woot woot!! Much much better than having to wait to get into the Drs. Office next week and paying the co-pay, etc. Especially when I know it’s a mind body connection in the first place!! Much appreciation to you Debbie!!! 😘😘😘

Michele Stone, Tampa, Feb 27, 2020

Wishing you love and wealth and OOOH, great HEALTH!

Happy D!
Debbie Happy Cohen, founder of Joy-Based Living
I want you to LOVE negotiating for JOY! | Author | Coach at Joy-Based Living


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