You want to keep growing. You’re stuck. You sense it’s YOU that’s in the way. This is for YOU.

If you’re experiencing . . .

  • TOO MUCH brain fog (not the desirable “idea generating” kind)
  • TOO distracted, adhd-type of behavior (not the good juicy entrepreneurial kind)
  • TOO MUCH people pleasing/ codependency (not the healthy customer service kind)
  • LACK of awareness about what you really want – or what you really need in order to thrive
  • LACK of being able to communicate what you really want or need. Or what’s in your heart. A few of my clients’ throats actually turn beet red and they find themselves unable to speak during MOMENTS THAT COUNT. Like asking for that raise. At an extreme, one woman (a grandmother, actually) kept letting her older brother bully her.

. . . you might be dealing with COMPLEX PTSD. It’s the kind that doesn’t have “visual” memories. Just emotional take-overs. As though you’re a hostage to your feelings.

Just to normalize this… kids who feel afraid to go to school due to shootings – and parents who are afraid to drop them off… could be experiencing INVISIBLE TRAUMA. COMPLEX PTSD. The emotion might be invisible, but the anxiety and depression are hard to ignore.

Can old, invisible trauma affect your success in the workplace? YOU BETCHA! I can’t tell you how many times I sabotaged my own success. How many times I hit the same exact ceiling of my own making.

These wounds are not obvious when you look at my “work experience” here at LinkedIn. I’ve been serving really amazing people and doing truly great stuff for 20+ years. AND I also fell on my bum more times than I can count.

I don’t mind falling, losing or screwing up. I do mind when the pattern repeats itself and I’m unable to change it no matter how hard I try.

Thankfully, I kept going. True to form, I figured out what was in my way and in the way of some of my clients. Some of them kept experiencing the same exact “ceiling” each time they would stretch out of their own safety zone. Each person’s ceiling was “customized” to each person. AGH!

In the last couple of years, a group of us cleared out of that and blazed a trail.

We are moving forward with more speed, agility and JOY. Yes, JOY!!! And we want to share our discoveries with you so that you can have more JOY in your life, too!

During the learning process, I created a bunch of youtube videos (intro video below). In the final ku of my learning process, I spelled out the main ideas in an easy-to-read e-book called SANCTUARY (currently free at

After you download SANCTUARY, flip through it and read Happy D’s Intrepid Glossary of Psychological Jargon. Everything you need is right in that section. Yes, I’m Happy D!

On October 10, we held our inaugural Blooming Misfits meeting which is World Mental Health Day. Thanks Oprah and Prince Harry for promoting WMHD! You can watch the Blooming Misfits video, especially if you want to start your own support group.

PLEASE, help yourself to these. I want to see more awesome people, more goodness in people, standing in more power. Owning the spotlight.

Joy is our natural state of being. Unresolved emotional trauma is its #1 obstacle. Even if you haven’t been directly traumatized, I am 100% positive you know someone who has. Like a power-leak, this can be extremely draining. Life is short. The costs of trauma are high.

If you are ready to take your joy back into YOUR OWN hands, you can.

If you were my best friend in the whole world, I would tell you to read SANCTUARY.

Like, now.

Debbie Happy Cohen

Debbie Happy Cohen, author and coach, is the founder of Joy-Based Living
I want you to LOVE negotiating for JOY!

I intend that EVERYONE in the world who wants one will be surrounded by a community that actively encourages them to negotiate for joy every single day of their lives – and WIN.

2 thoughts on “You want to keep growing. You’re stuck. You sense it’s YOU that’s in the way. This is for YOU.

  1. A potent and passionate “trumpet call” if I’ve ever heard one, Debbie! Amen! People, get on board! 😉

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