If you have power leaks in your energy, this one’s for you


If you’re stuck or spinning your wheels in any area of your life, you might want to listen. Your energy is important. Your time is important. YOU are important.

A really amazing woman has just ended a marriage is struggling to figure out what’s next. Here’s my response to her.

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Thanks so much for listening and being here!

If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to discuss at the podcast, let me know. It’s a joy to get to know you.

Much love,

Happy D!
Debbie Happy Cohen, founder of Joy-Based Living
I want you to LOVE negotiating for JOY! | Author | Coach at Joy-Based Living

Here are a few versions the JBL Venn Diagram which I mention in the podcast. If you have a power leak/ energy leak, where might yours be?

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