What supplement are you inhaling to boost your immune system?

Debbie Asea using the Atomizer

UPDATE March 25: I just sent my Auntie samples of ASEA REDOX so she can garden again as was my original intent for this springtime. But now, bonus, she can inhale this great supplement as a positive immune boost! Better communication between cells and molecules!!! YES!!!!

If you want to become a distributor of ASEA or you want some for yourself and your loved ones, let me know and I’ll set you up.

For years, I used to think my Auntie was a hypochondriac when she complained about her allergies. She knows every medicine out there and could actually be a pharmacist at this point. 

ASEA REDOX completely changed my body’s response to the pollen. Here is my experience last year:

My hesitation about sharing this with you is:

a) the product comes from a multilevel marketing company and I am usually skeptical of those
b) I’m usually REALLY skeptical about promoting health supplements because I believe in the healing power of the mind and I believe in the placebo effect.

However, I’ve seen so many changes in myself and the people around me – for example, skin things just disappearing that shock their doctors. And then my fish, Goldie, completely going from “death’s door” to “vibrantly alive” – that I’m now a loyal customer and fan. 

Here’s the thing. The stuff works. It’s research-based. It’s compatible with any other thing you might be taking. And there are no side effects. THAT WOWS ME!

Well, at this moment, I have some extra REDOX.. I have 8oz travel pouches which are fresh. They just came in the mail. Their potency is good for about a year.. I don’t have a ton, but about a dozen. 

asea travel pouches
ASEA Redox travel pouches

So, if you want to try ASEA REDOX but you don’t want to go all in by becoming an ASEA customer directly, I can send you a gift box, at cost for what I pay for it.

$44 for 4. 

Free shipping. USA only. You’ll have to buy the atomizer on your own but I can send you the amazon link that I used.

Wishing you health, happiness and tons of love,

Debbie Happy Cohen, Founder of Joy-Based Living

aka Reverend SASSY SHORTS or Happy D!

ps. In order for you to pay me and for me to receive your shipping address, I decided to go through Patreon because I like the feeling of our community and I think you will, too. Just go to  https://www.patreon.com/joybasedliving  and choose any tier to become a member. Private Message me at Patreon and I’ll send you a payment link so you can get your ASEA gift box!

set your joy free patreon statue of lady liberty dollar coin

4 thoughts on “What supplement are you inhaling to boost your immune system?

  1. Hello HappyD
    Do you have a link as a distributor or whatever so you get a kickback for selling or linking buyers??
    P.S. I want to try some…

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