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Lady Liberty was a gift from France, an ally for the USA. She arrived in NYC harbor in 1885. The tablet she holds says July 4, 1776. Independence Day is my favorite holiday. I love that the Declaration of Independence began with a seed of an idea. All of us are capable of receiving ideas. I love that we brought this one to life.

My prayer:May we all be free from ignorance and the mayhem it causes. May we all be liberated to soar as high as Feel to, as great as we can dream.

I see the Statue and the Declaration as holding up our ideals. These are useful not only for us as a society but also for our inner worlds and personal relationships.

Here’s my personal message to compulsive overgivers and codependents – or any Wholehearted adult who reduces or shrinks or denies or minimizes their own power:


To free yourself from tyranny of any kind – racism, religious oppression or emotional abuse, you’ve got to own your power. Your True Power. Not a puffing up of your false self. But a true expression of your authentic self. Your heart.

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Here’s my friend Kimberly’s take on her experience. I’d like to share it with you – not to sell you on the class but to inspire you to what’s possible for YOU!!!

Big love! In JOY!


Debbie Happy Cohen, author and coach, is the founder of Joy-Based Living. Her Master’s Degree is in counseling, specializing in family systems, healing emotional trauma, and practical spirituality. Also affectionately known as Happy D! and Reverend SASSY SHORTS!, she lives on Lookout Mountain in Alabama, near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her books include Reach Your Stars!, SANCTUARY, It’s All About Kids: Every Child Deserves a Teacher of the Year, and I Don’t Think So! Her social media playgrounds as well as the SANCTUARY ebook can be found right here.

One thought on “Own Your Power – JoyFULLY – SASSY SUNDAY 25 of 52

  1. EX-CELLENT!!! I especially love the chalkboard from 6/17/19, ‘cuz it was/is SO inspiring when I said all of those words out loud!!! Empowerment up the bippy!!! Woo-Hoo!!! And there’s Hiro, BIG BOY, too!!! Thanks for all of this High-Vibes Mojo, Debbie! Rock. On. 😉

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