Who taught you to have good taste, and in what ways? Livestream #112

Note: this Livestream series is generally private to subscribers only, so you’ll hear me reference Patreon in the video but you can ignore that :-).

After you watch the video, please answer these questions in the comment section wherever you happen to be watching it (blog, youtube, facebook, etc.):

Self-reflection question:

Who taught you to have good taste, and in what way(s)?

Joy-Based Living question:

What do you think about our genre being “magical awareness”? To be more specific, if we were books in a bookstore, we would be in the self-help section and the subcategory would be magical awareness.

Much love,

Happy D!

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3 thoughts on “Who taught you to have good taste, and in what ways? Livestream #112

  1. So, I finally finished watching the embedded video–I’d watched half on the day it was first posted–and appreciate your delving into “the origins of one’s sense of taste” AND the nature of “magical awareness,” Debbie… Both are inspiring topics! Who I recall first encouraging me cultivate my own sense of taste was my oldest sister Karen, who exemplified “ownership” of her own sense of taste for me. I began listening to music that floated MY boat, regardless of whether or not it was playing on the pop radio stations. From groundbreakers like Jimi Hendrix in rock and Miles Davis in jazz to blues players like Mike Bloomfield (who played guitar on some of Bob Dylan’s most famous songs) to reaching back into some of the great “classic” jazz artists of yesteryear–and yes, of course The Beatles, Rolling Stones & The Who–I sought out record albums, concert tickets and airtime on independent radio stations for music that fueled my soul… all because I saw my sister doing the same thing and how it obviously fed her spirit. Thanks for the invitation to honor my roots and share such fond memories, Debbie! And I like “magical awareness” as a genre–and I’d say the time is ripe for people (esp. some JBLers) to create all sorts of inspiring art in that genre!!! 🙂

    1. That’s a great phrase and I will probably steal it and use it repeatedly around here!!! Love your comment
      and I knew you were going to say Karen when I first started reading your response. That’s awesome.

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