Domo Arigato . . . Mr. Roboto vs Rev SASSY SHORTS!

A few years ago, someone asked me to imagine Joy-Based Living as a hero’s journey, and to come up with a metaphor for a hero and a villain.

Who or what would be the ENEMY of JOY?

Hmmm… there seem to be so many obstacles to letting joy be unleashed, individually and culturally, and I came up with a LOT of different answers over the years.

Here is my favorite so far:

The most common, modern enemy of JOY is dehumanization.

As soon as I realized that, the Mr. Roboto song came to mind. (Thinking about it right now, it seems so very obvious!)

Mr. Roboto was one of my favorite songs from the 80’s but I didn’t find out until just recently that right after STYX produced this amazing song, the band broke up.


Yup, this song was so controversial – it spoke truth to power so clearly – that the popular band was blacklisted! OY VAY!

If you want the details, I posted an interview with rock star Dennis Deyoung below.

In the meanwhile, put your money on Reverend SASSY SHORTS!

While Mr. Roboto represents dehumanization, Reverend SASSY SHORTS! stands for freedom, authenticity, well-being and joy.

Much love,

Debbie Happy Cohen

aka Happy D!

aka Reverend SASSY SHORTS!

Here’s the song with lyrics:

And here’s a recent interview with Dennis Deyoung, band leader, song writer and singer, talking about the historical event:

Here are my favorite excerpts from the interview:




Carpé Diem!

Much love,

Happy D!

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3 thoughts on “Domo Arigato . . . Mr. Roboto vs Rev SASSY SHORTS!

  1. Rock. On. JBL Peeps. — Thanks, Debbie, for this fine analysis-celebration of a Styx/Dennis Deyoung classic (the “most important line”-insight of which I see as somewhat related to Jimi Hendrix’s “Let your freak-flag fly!”) 😉

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