A Garden Snail Named Grape, a Get Fairy Tales production

Do you know a child who would enjoy heartful and empowering fairy tales?

Tune in to my youtube channel. I’ll be posting one every week for the next 19 weeks on Mondays at 9pm Central. Starting tonight!

Each story is around 10 minutes.
Please share it and we’ll spread joy together!

A Garden Snail Named Grape

Fairy tales by Debbie Happy Cohen
Art and logos by Vito Acosta
Music by Sky Atchley (tagging Romey Atchley)
Editing by Willy Mathes
Videos by Heidi Bobal

One thought on “A Garden Snail Named Grape, a Get Fairy Tales production

  1. YAY-Y-Y-Y!!! These are the BEST Fairy Tales I’ve ever read & heard!!! (I’ve enjoyed them all, but look forward to seeing ’em again on JBL YouTube!!!
    GO, GRAPE!!! 🙂

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