Relatedness Without Agenda is Food for the Soul

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It’s a rare person – friend, family, colleague – who we can turn to for advice or feedback – who doesn’t have some sort of agenda about who we should be or how we should live. For example, a mother who doesn’t really want her kid to go to Hollywood to be an actor will advise them in directions they feel will lead to more safety and security; or a more obvious example: most bosses will likely have a simple (and more overt) desire: to want the employee to simply be productive; a counselor will even have an agenda – for the client to stop feeling pain or anxiety.

What these agendas do NOT take into account is the life-giving essential experience of a person’s individual heart and soul. And, to be fair, the only people who are likely to advise others to follow their natural energy (or inspired calling), are ones who have taken that journey themselves – and therefore know the risks of taking it, and also the risks of not taking it.

The betrayal or abandonment of oneself is a deadly enemy of well-being and joy.

And so, the question begs, who in your world steadfastly beats the drum of “being true to yourself”… not just as a cliché, but as a way of life? Who is it that senses that your exhaustion isn’t because you aren’t getting enough sleep but because you’re bored to death at your job (and that by creating a little bit of art  because in your heart you are an artist, you will not only feel calmer, you will also feel more energized)?

In my wildest dreams, I imagine a society lush with soulful mentors who would never encourage someone to betray or abandon themselves but who would cheer them on and encourage them to do whatever moves their SOUL to QUICKEN!!

In my real life, as the founder of Joy-Based Living and creator of books and courses, I mentor people by having Meaningful Conversations with them and teaching them to do the same. In Meaningful Conversations, the truth of who you really are and what you truly feel and want are 100% welcomed. You never have to pretend to feel something you don’t feel; you don’t ever have to cover up the true you (although you will at first have to learn the difference between cultural conditioning and YOU).

In a truly meaningful conversation, each person gets to experience Relatedness Without Agenda. In Relatedness without Agenda, there is no ulterior motive. Truth is King and Queen. In such a relationship, you are encouraged to grow and flourish, authentically. Meaningful Conversations teach us to relate to ourselves WITHOUT AGENDA.

When a person feels deeply seen and heard… this is food for our souls.

When our souls are fed, we feel rested inside.

Here’s a little formula:

Restfulness (internally) PLUS inspired activity (externally)
CREATES: MAGICAL results and JOYFUL relationships!

At Joy-Based Living, Love is our superpower and Meaningful Conversations are our world.

Much love,

Debbie Happy Cohen

Founder of Joy-Based Living

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Debbie Happy Cohen
Debbie Happy Cohen

Debbie Happy Cohen, author, coach and artist, is the founder of Joy-Based Living. She loves spending time with magical, kind, thoughtful, inspiring people. Her Master’s Degree is in counseling but her experience comes from 20 years of coaching people to bring out the best in themselves and others. Also affectionately known as Happy D! and Reverend SASSY SHORTS!, she lives on Lookout Mountain in Alabama, near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her books include The 12 Practices, The JBL Planner for Daily Self-Reflection, Reach Your Stars!, SANCTUARY: 4 Mantras for Thriving After Emotional Trauma, It’s All About Kids: Every Child Deserves a Teacher of the Year, and a children’s book I Don’t Think So!

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