Just joined JBL Patreon? Here’s what you need to know

Hi, it’s Debbie Happy, founder of Joy-Based Living. I’m so glad you’re here!

If you joined JBL Patreon simply to support Joy-Based Living, THANK YOU!!!! You can stop reading (unless, of course, it brings you JOY).

If you joined JBL Patreon to participate in Zoom events, this is for you!

You need to know that ALL JBL Patreon members get access to the recordings and posts at PATREON.

But our ZOOM EVENTS are where we bring the JBL ideas to life in real time.

What makes JBL special is that we care about how we show up in our relationships.

“Relatedness without Agenda” gives our lives meaning and we do our best to aim for this ideal. “Imperfect and awesome” is our mantra.

Our JBL Patreon events are a bridge from “culturally conditioned” relationships to “intentional relationships.” I recently read about a guy who was looking for a healthy relationship. He wanted someone who would be honest about her perspective, responsible for her emotions, and creative with her life. He pretty much described what we do at JBL. It’s a great way to grow together.

Since many people are new to these ideas, these 4 Requirements will help us bring them to life. Together, we will co-create a Joy-Based Living atmosphere.


  1. ORIENTATION with Debbie is required prior to attending JBL Patreon Events at Zoom (such as Ripple, Tell Me More & Higher Porpoise Club)
  2. REMINDERS and RSVPs for Patreon events happen on FB MESSENGER. As soon as you join Patreon, please “friend” Debbie Happy Cohen at FB so she can add you to the group.
  3. Your VIDEO MUST BE ON during Zoom events. Please be one minute early.
  4. Please be fully present. Our H.E.A.T. acronym can help you remember to show up with HONOR, EMBODIMENT, ATTENTION & TIME. In every gathering, you will have the opportunity to practice embodiment. This can gently warm up the parts of you that feel frozen or disconnected.


  • The SANCTUARY Ebook gives us trauma awareness (It’s free when you subscribe to the JBL Newsletter)
  • The JBL 12 Practices Ebook is foundational. We mention the Practices frequently. (JBL store)
  • The JBL Planner Ebook will help you create your future in an embodied way (JBL store)

Print each of these ebooks and make each one feel special! Put it into its own 3 ring binder. Write in it. Journal in it. Scribble in it. Dog ear it. Review each one frequently at first and then a couple of times a year.


Our zoom meetings are usually recorded. In order to share them at Patreon, they are uploaded to Youtube first and marked as “unlisted.”


If you have any questions, please ask me in PATREON Messages. Every person who joins receives a welcome message from me (usually within 48 hours). If you didn’t receive a private welcome message at Patreon, be sure to let me know at PATREON. https://www.patreon.com/joybasedliving.

Thank you for supporting Joy-Based Living and for helping us to make more joyful ripples in the world!

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