‘The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.’

Albert Einstein

Hi, I’m Reverend SASSY SHORTS! and I am so glad you’re here. I wanted to share a few things about spirituality and how it relates to Joy-Based Living because it’s a really important topic which is relevant to both healing and thriving.

Religion is a “defining lens” with which we view the world. It determines whether we see ourselves as alone in the universe, or connected. Whether we belong, or we don’t belong. Through this lens, we can feel supported, attacked, or neglected or any combination of these.

Our worldview affects our immune system! Our health! Our relationships! It determines every single choice we make. And SO… like I said… it’s really important.

If Joy-Based Living was a religion, it would be based on these 3 ABC’s:

  • Appreciation
  • Belief
  • Connection

I discuss these at length in the video series called PRESENCE: 100-day Joy-Based Spirituality Workout which you can find at Patreon. The ABC’s are introduced on DAY 18. Recordings are also available. Here’s the link:

Here’s a photo of Reverend SASSY SHORTS!

At the Joy-Based Living Building Block Village. With cape and crown. Still working on the collar!

Here are a few factoids and trivia about Reverend SASSY SHORTS!

  • That’s SHORTS! Not pants.
  • SASSY SHORTS! is all caps.
  • Reverend SASSY SHORTS! is spelled with an exclamation point at the end (even mid-sentence).
  • I know you’re not going to believe this, but my name is Debbie Happy Cohen, and my middle name was given to me at birth.
  • Yes, I really am a Reverend.
  • I was ordained on St. Patty’s Day 2019. For free. Instantly. Online. Ordained at Universal Life Church. (same place where irish comedian Conan O’Brien was ordained. No joke.)
  • Yes, I’m still Jewish. My mother is Jewish, which according to Jewish law, automatically makes me Jewish.
  • If there was a way to get a RABBI ordination (instantly and for free and online) I would have chosen that instead!
  • I live in the deep SOUTH, in Alabama. So being a Reverend is very fitting.
  • Yes, I’m irreverent.
  • No, I didn’t do it to marry people.
  • I did it because I wanted to publicly honor and acknowledge my love for spirituality, outside of the confines of religion.
  • Yes, I love my Jewish roots.
  • Yes, I love people of all races and religions. This is my way of acknowledging ALL. Everyone. Inclusively.
  • Yes, I love God.
  • No, I don’t need others to use that name to describe the infinite, indescribable, loving intelligence and mystery of life.
  • Yes, I do want people to KNOW and FEEL how precious and BEAUTIFUL and LOVED they are, by a MAGNIFICENCE that is larger and grander and more amazing than they can even imagine.
  • Yes, I believe this can help us create a more JOYFUL and AMAZING world. That’s why I do it.
  • That, and the fact that Rev. SASSY SHORTS! makes THE BEST coleslaw in the deep SOUTH. And that’s saying SOMETHING!

What does Reverend SASSY SHORTS! stand FOR, and who (or what) does she deem “BAD”?

Reverend SASSY SHORTS! stands for, protects and celebrates: LIFE. soulfulness, uniqueness, inclusiveness, kindness, love, beauty and the richness of deep and authentic connections.

Reverend SASSY SHORTS! fights against dehumanization. What is dehumanization? A destruction of the above, through abuse or neglect, whether conscious or unconscious. (Think of Darth Vader and think of the storm troopers in Star Wars.). The word was inspired by Styx pop song Kilroy Was Here, more commonly recognized as Mr. Roboto.

You can read more about Mr. Roboto (and listen to the song with lyrics) at this blog post:

Poetry and Passion

The depth of my love for God and spirituality is reflected in this poem which I wrote in 1995.

My passion for community is expressed on this postcard:

And also on the first cover image at the JBL website:

This JBL trifecta was written in 2020 I think (or maybe it was 2019):

You can see the JBL Trifecta collection here:

Here’s what’s coming up next… playing with ideas for a logo for the irreverent Rev!

The flying turtle was totally inspired by this t-shirt and my favorite MOXIE hairdresser who kept staring at the FLYING PIGS wearing steampunk goggles on my t-shirt (below):

But flying pigs felt too cliche.

4 days later, my friend Willow showed me a photo of a tiny turtle that her friend had brought on a kayak trip and a flying turtle emerged in my imagination that day:

But it was too boy-ish, so I asked my friends Juli and Kimberly to help me make the next version more GIRLIE. And Kimberly spent the next day coloring it in with sparkles and cute lips and glasses. A sparkly flying turtle. YEAH!!

I would like to credit my friend Orion for the Reverend SASSY SHORTS! name. Totally RAD.

Recently, my friend Charlotte called me Reverend O’SassyPants. She said that’s because I was ordained on St. Patty’s Day. I think that’s funny. 🙂

A banyan tree of Love.


Reverend SASSY SHORTS! recently learned about the 1960’s gospel choir, the Jubilee Hummingbirds, and she LOVES them! Here’s her favorite song so far:

My friend AMY says that this song should be the anthem for Reverend SASSY SHORTS! Freedom by Jon Batiste.


Reverend SASSY SHORTS! also recently learned about the tv minister who used to exclaim, “HEAL!” She giggles every time she thinks about it. “HEAL!”

“The quality of love you put into the world is probably the only thing that matters.”

– Gary Littleton, my friend (RIP)

Big blessings and so much love!

Debbie Happy Cohen

aka Reverend SASSY SHORTS!