Pioneers of JOY

“We are pioneering a fuller expression of the light that we are by letting go of our attachment to (and fear of) the dark.”


Wisdom for the day:

If you’re a traditionalist (think: Fiddler on the Roof, My Big Fat Greek Wedding), you have thousands of years of structures in place to tell you how you’re supposed behave in society.

The problem is that our society is changing fast, and many of the old “HOW-we-relate-with-one-another” traditions are no longer serving our highest good.

Examples: agree to play small, agree that winning at all costs is a good thing, agree that your goodness, greatness and genius isn’t THAT important.

Maybe at one point these ways-of-being served us. Maybe playing small kept us around the hearth of family where we would be safer from pirates, savages, lions and other deadly threats.

Pioneers / Change-makers / Non-conformists / Rebels / Revolutionaries:

The biggest challenge we face today is how to function in relationships in a society that hasn’t yet established ground rules for sustaining healthy, loving, empowered communication.

Healthy pioneers need empowering support systems in order to grow out of the role of “young rebel” and into the role of “strong wise leader”.

This is what we are generating here at Joy-Based Living: Healthy, empowering support systems, relationships, conversations. “How to” engage such conversations is at the heart of the Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide.

We are taking the best traditions from the old, and establishing new traditions that support our best selves emerging today.

“We are pioneering a fuller expression of the light that we are by letting go of our attachment to (and fear of) the dark.”

We are heralding this new world together.

Big Wow. Thank you.


Debbie Happy Cohen

ps. Update for the kickstarter campaign to produce the Joy-Based Living Beginner’s Guide: It’s Here!



The Croods


2 thoughts on “Pioneers of JOY

  1. Such an insightful, clear & concise expression of this rising wave of re-connection with our true selves, our true and best relations with others and our true joy, from which we’re all able to benefit (esp. when we get on board with it via JBL and whatever else re-connects us with our true Selves) AND into which we can each dive and add our heart’s and soul’s power!! It’s superbly cool and WAY soul-satisfying to see the height & momentum of this wave growing, to see its inspiring touch reaching countless more lives each day, each hour, each moment… Thanks, Debbie, for putting a voice to this emerging wave of best-self & best-relations consciousness. 🙂 With Love & Gratitude, Will

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